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Is this where I insert, "I told you so, NZ!"?

In the last couple of years,  this blogger has been pounding away, wearing out one keyboard after another; shooing cats of piles of documents; drinking enough coffee to deny me sleep for the rest of the decade… 946 more words

The Body Politic

3 things we will never see in our lifetime...

There are some things that are simply impossible, according to the laws of physics…

(Oh, ok, I was wrong about #1. It is possible for aliens to travel to Earth and land in front of the White House… )

The Body Politic

Dealing With TREACHEROUS Acts

Ibrahim Ali has created a new STIR by proposing that the Government set up a commission to deal with those who are DISLOYAL to the country and even proposed REVOKING CITIZENSHIP as one of the measures which can be considered. 301 more words