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Tim Kaine - Don't Give Illegal Immigrants a Dime

Mark Dice looks at Vice Presidential candidate Tim Kaine’s previous statements on illegal immigration . . .

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love is everywhere you choose

something i wrote in 2008 that perfectly sums up this blog.  i’ve written a lot of posts and so on days when i am busy or just don’t have it, i can share with you things i learned years ago cuz somebody somewhere is learning this right now. 62 more words

going for the bronze 

My old shit is like new shit. Or the world just hasn’t changed. Wrote this 8 years ago but it’s still relevant. In fact this wierdo presidential election might be the culmination of our decline. 12 more words

2008 Presidential Election

Our Two Candidates

 I made the mistake of rereading Peggy Noonan’s book, The Case Against Hillary Clinton, written in 2000, when she was about to run for the New York Senate. 379 more words

New York City

Observing Hillary Clinton, 10/20/07

This is not about you, it’s about America.

It’s not about your pant suits or relationship with Bill,

it’s about your record, your positions, and truth. 329 more words


Smoke and Mirrors: Hillary's Underhanded Progressivism

In her march to the Democratic nomination, Hillary Clinton has ridiculed many of Sen. Bernie Sanders’ proposals as being unrealistic or overly idealistic, while touting her electability: She portrays herself as the candidate of experience and pragmatism, one who has negotiated with world leaders and possesses the deep relationships on Capitol Hill needed to turn proposals into policy. 1,138 more words

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