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Screaming at Hillary Clinton in Soldier Field

Llani O’Connor and I were rabid Hillary Clinton fans during the 2008 Presidential Primary election. We exchanged did-you-hear-what-she-said exclamations all through the summer and fall of 2007 after she announced her candidacy. 460 more words


Searching for Chuck

It was January 2008, and several Republican presidential nominees had converged on Myrtle Beach in the lead-up to a nationally televised debate. Candidates and their surrogates were speaking all over the area. 826 more words


Farewell Barry, and Thank You.

New York, NY — The other night before going to bed I watched the Netflix original “Barry.” The film was a slice-of-life moment during Barack Obama’s years at Columbia undergrad in New York City. 1,502 more words

United States Of America

4. To identify and discuss historical, ethical and legal issues related to the student’s chosen emphasis area

This has been the most enlightening area for me within our department.I always knew there were a lot of disputes within media and it’s practices. While in Media Law and Ethics we covered many of the key cases and laws that media persons need to be aware of. 131 more words

The 2010 Midterms And The 2016 Presidentials: The Lessons Not Learned

In the 2008 presidential election, Barack Obama won 365 electoral college votes. He pulled this political feat off thanks to the Obama Coalition–a motley crew of Democratic faithful, independents, fired up progressives, disillusioned Republicans. 483 more words


Tim Kaine - Don't Give Illegal Immigrants a Dime

Mark Dice looks at Vice Presidential candidate Tim Kaine’s previous statements on illegal immigration . . .

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