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The working class is missing from US political discourse

One of the things I noticed in the 2008 US presidential campaign was everyone was appealing for the middle class vote. Presidential primary and general election debates were about how things were getting harder for the middle-class and the Republican or Democratic candidate who happen to be pitching for votes would stand up for the middle-class better than their competition in the presidential primary or general election at hand. 494 more words

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Running Campaigns and Running the Country

Back in 2008, Obama partisans pointed to the fact that their candidate presided over a well-run and well-executed campaign, and claimed that this would translate into an ability to run the country as well as the campaign was run. 437 more words

Jim Webb Passages in Context

Former Democratic Senator Jim Webb is running for president in 2016.  Wait.  Scratch that.  He’s currently exploring a run for president in 2016.  Despite that distinction the inevitable Democratic frontrunner, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, has Webb in her cross-hairs.   1,016 more words