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Launched in 2008

Steve Wilkinson aka “WheelchairSteve” thought it would be appropriate to have an annual celebration day dedicated to wheelchair users, being one himself.

On searching Google and finding one didn’t exist, he posted a blog on the social media site, Ecademy declaring that 1st March 2008 was International Wheelchair Day. 80 more words



Sunday evenings have kinda developed a pattern if I’m not out. Open something old and somewhat *for-the-masses*. So it’s #simisunday all the way. This little 08 is crankin out nutty frosting and gobs of leathery tertiary bouquet while maintaining a dense ruby appearance: for the extra point. 89 more words


ARTDOCS_Making of The Helix Tango_2008

ARTDOC | Making of The Helix Tango
4 pp
Making of The Helix Tango quilt

The Helix Tango was a quilt I completed in 2008. 49 more words


پریشان پیشنٹ کی کہانی

از قلم : ڈاکٹر سید عبد الواحد

طبع : 2008ء کراچی / ص : 358 / قیمت : 400 رُپے

برائے رابطہ : 03333738795 / 03153411838