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How To: Migrate DHCP for Windows Server

Migrating DHCP roles between Windows servers can be painful. I wanted to share my favorite method for doing this. I think it is the least difficult and the most effective way of getting your DHCP services moved to a newer Windows server with ZERO downtime. 448 more words

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Median Strip

SQL Server has a number of aggregate functions including MAX, COUNT and AVG, but if you want to calculate MEDIAN you will be rolling your own, probably with a little help from Google. 1,577 more words


Updating Statistics on Steroids

Updating statistics on large tables can take a while.  A page-compressed warehouse fact table with 19 billion rows, 1000 partitions, a sensible clustered index, and 35 columns occupying in excess of  1TB disk space on my server takes around 22 hours to update its 33 stats objects using the default sample size.  2,854 more words


How to: Migrate Windows file server shares with NTFS permissions

Over the years I have seen so many approaches to migrating Windows file server shares to new servers. Most methods are valid and some are down right brilliant uses of native tools. 1,299 more words

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SQL Server - "optimize for ad hoc workloads" progression


It has been clean-out week for me.  Just have too much deadwood of interesting SQL Server tips that I have printed out over the years. 793 more words


Server 2008/2012 - VMWare Hardware 10 - TSC

Hi Guys,

Long time no blog, been really busy unfortunately depending which way you look at it.

Recently we have noticed an increase in VMs failing to reboot correctly on soft-boot. 139 more words

SQL Server 2008 Replication Problems

A few days ago I changed a UDF on one of our SQL servers (2008 R2) and in doing so discovered we have different collations on one of our servers involved with replication. 226 more words

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