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SQL Server 2008 Replication Problems

A few days ago I changed a UDF on one of our SQL servers (2008 R2) and in doing so discovered we have different collations on one of our servers involved with replication. 226 more words

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Export User List of AD Security Group

If you need to get a list of all members in an AD Security Group, open up powershell and try the following commands from a DC: 45 more words


Generating the Indexes Script Created on a SQL Server Database

Yesterday, I had to script all the indexes created on a SQL Server Database. Here is a nice article through which one can get the script of all indexes created on a database.


Active Directory Delegating Permissions

I needed to delegate permissions to helpdesk (besides making them domain admins) to create and modify users, and modify group membership.  This is slightly different from some of the built in permission groups, since we didn’t want helpdesk to delete users.   185 more words


Window Server 2008 R2 Terminal Services - Temporary User profile Problem

in my day 2 day Server Problems iv’e noticed Some Wired Behavior with some user in my AD Domain that logs on to the Terminal Server Are getting Temporary profiles instead of there Roaming profiles. 93 more words

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