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Muse - The Resistance

There’s always an album that marks the band’s turning point in their career. Sometimes there’s multiple turning points. Sometimes this point can be a change for the better. 783 more words

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Three Days Grace - Life Starts Now

Yes, I’m holding off on my One X review, partially because there’s absolutely nothing new/interesting to say about it, and partially because it’s been reviewed a million+ times before. 854 more words

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The Med ch 5- Dream Theater

  Hearing Dream Theater for the first time in 2009 (GH Bonus spoiler!) led me onto a path where I realized I like my guitar-driven music really proggy.   692 more words

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KSE- Why, sure!!

Firstly, thank you for reading- stay awhile, won’t you!

I put as little thought into where to begin as possible, because I’m one of those over-thinkers.   673 more words

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Relient K - Forget and Not Slow Down: I'm an Older and Wiser Lion-O.

Artist: Relient K
Album: Forget and Not Slow Down
Year: 2009
Grade: B-

In Brief: Musically, it ain’t Relient K’s best, but lyrically, it’s probably their most focused and mature record so far. 3,291 more words