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Regular Season - 2015

For posterity, here’s how we ended the season.

For flavor, it is described using Queen lyrics.

[1] Deflated Expectation: “We are the champions, my friends. And we’ll keep on fighting, ’till the end.” 176 more words

2009 Season

Week 14

Final round of the regular season… and the top 4 were decided.

Da Gnomes (136) def Sultans of Suck (93)

This was an emphatic grab for 4th spot by the Gnomes, and a well-deserved finals spot for the team with the second-most points of the season. 551 more words

2009 Season

Week 11

Thought I’d give JIT blogging another shot.

Deflated Expectations (119) def Cascade of Pushing (84)

Oh, the humanity! Much like a deflating dirigible spewing flammable gases over a hapless and helpless foe, the Expectations used Arson Carson Palmer (316 yards, 4 TDs, INT) to turn the Cascaders into a sad footnote in history. 304 more words

2009 Season

Week 6

It seems the “it’s a big week to score points” memo didn’t reach everyone, as both the far north and the deep south-ern hemisphere failed to break 100 points this week. 725 more words

2009 Season

2015-16 Season - Week 1

Game on!

Welcome back to another season! This first week seemed to be all about the Tight End, with huge points bouncing off the chests of that rare breed of giant men whose (suspect) intellect encourages them to run willingly across the field into the teeth of other men who want to grind them into the dirt. 580 more words

2009 Season