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End of Regular Season - 2014

Here’s what we looked like at the end:

The Win-Loss records make it pretty clear there was a big line between the top 4 and the bottom 4 this year, and that there was a complete lack of drama as we headed into the last few weeks of the season. 38 more words

2009 Season

Round 12 - Results

With everyone’s favorite Thursday rapidly approaching (a whole DAY of football, food, frivolity, fava beans, and family – how can you beat that?), we can look back at our fortunes from last week and all be thankful we got to see OBJ’s catch, and that we didn’t bet against Peyton for back-to-back losses. 479 more words

2009 Season

Back on Europe's Waterways

After four years absence we finally got back to the waterways of Europe this past May, and with a new crew member in tow this time. 72 more words

2009 Season

Finals - Round 2 - Preview

This is it. The final showdowns. It deserves a preview post.

For 1st: Seasoned Vets vs El Sereno Chica

Although finishing 3rd/4th in the regular season, both teams knocked off their higher-ranked opponents to make it to the Big Show. 328 more words

2009 Season

Round 8 - Results

The fantasy football season is half way over, including the finals. For some of us this news will be like seeing the bottom of your bowl of ice-cream for the first time, or going to the last commercial break before your favorite TV show ends – you’re still looking forward to what’s left, but you know you’re on the downhill run.  556 more words

2009 Season

My next swim...........Caves

Now that I had completed my first swim it was time to look at doing another swim. The best place to find out about ocean swims was oceanswims.com which was a website listing details of all the swims in Sydney and surrounds, and also let you enter them. 564 more words

Australian Ocean Swims

In the beginning....

So how did I get into ocean swims? I had swum for a couple of years in Merewether Baths with some friends from work. We would ride our bikes up the pool from work in the city (a distance of around 3 km each way) during our lunch break. 566 more words

Australian Ocean Swims