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Chelmsford - Store 355

40 – 41 High Street, Chelmsford, Essex CM1 1DF

Woolworths opened in the Essex town of Chelmsford in 1929. In the late 20s when Woolworths was rapidly expanding, the chain had started to take over old hotels. 279 more words


Jay-Z, head chef Dino Gatto, actor Harvey Keitel, Beyoncé, co-owner Ron Straci, reservations manger Susan Paolercio and restaurant manager Patrick Hickey, photographed during the filming of the rapper’s music video for “D.O.A. 363 more words


That mischievousness that elicits mirth,
like a stomach full of sunshine,
you have that way that makes time pass,
so quietly she goes by,
as if she wishes not to disturb, 6 more words

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A Trout's Last Stand

Twist of memory,
range of thought,
like a trout, in his net,
well, and truly caught.

Let’s not tarry over,
fretfully attempting to leap.
to find that slap of water, 40 more words

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Never mind my bloomers
you cheeky mad confessor!
Do I take looks into your dresser?

Never mind my appeal
you apple bottom peeler!
Unhand or you will be unmanned! 28 more words

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Dyslexic Cow

She did not know she got it wrong,
when she learned to meditate.
She assumed the OM, was meant for her,
fated in a way, 67 more words

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