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Why not to trust flat chart comparisons all the time and Leica slow service center (Elmar C 90mm vs 80-200mm vs 85mm vs Lux 50mm)

I have been shooting Leica for less than a year, so I am considering three formats as of now. They are Olympus Micro 4/3, Nikon F mount and Leica M. 587 more words


Nikon Lenses on Leica M Typ 240 - What can you do?

I prefer to use longer lenses for portraits. There are some complications and downs but I prefer the images I create when using longer lenses. Since my longest lens on my Leica is 50mm, I started looking for a longer lens option and found that I could use my old 80-200mm f/2.8 AF-D lens like I used in the past on my Nikon F100. 179 more words


Yesterday Revisited, Changed, Re-Imagined

While still confined to the house I’ve continued to play with sandwiching multiple images to change the essential visuals while retaining the integrity of the original image, which in this case is the picture from yesterday’s post. 162 more words


New on 500px : The Veil of Torres Del Paine by JakeAnderson

Emotion in a scene is something I’m trying very hard to see these days, it’s something every photographer wants to capture as it brings life to your image, it evokes feelings in people and engages them. 144 more words

Real Estate And Mortgage

more from the 200mm macro

Last week, having acceptable temperature outside, I took the 200mm macro out. I was interested to see how the lens would perform for a landscape-type of shot. 75 more words