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The 13 Minneapolis City Council Members

The City Council is one part of the two-part – strong council, weak mayor – governing body of Minneapolis. There are 13 council members who are elected by the city’s voters every four years and by ranked-choice voting (each council member is elected by their respective ward’s citizenry). 596 more words

Urban Dynamics

Gerrymandering Part II: Making Sense of Redistricting

Even before Governor Gerry of Massachusetts gave his name to the political ploy, gerrymandering was as common as Thanksgiving turkey.  Politicians did it.  The voting public expected it.  866 more words

More Obamacare Deception - When A Conservative Theory is Ridiculed But Proven Correct

When yet another crazy conservative conspiracy theory is proven to be correct, one more brick of tyranny is set in place, this time through tricky statistics. 950 more words

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God isn't color blind

It was perhaps one of the dumbest things I had ever heard. It came from a misguided ultra rightwing leaning individual. Just knowing that should’ve been enough to enlighten me on just how absurd the comment was. 271 more words


Cat Summoned for Jury Duty in Boston

Boston resident Sal Esposito has been called to jury duty, but there’s one thing standing in the way of his ability to serve: He’s a cat. 84 more words

More Better Mapping of Oakland's Populations

Maps have long been described or conceived as windows–analogous in ways to pictorial perspective–that invite viewers to look into a space in new ways.  But both word maps as the above, made of the names of Oakland’s almost 150 different neighborhoods, or more statistically derived data visualizations of the city are mirrors that present a less homogeneous or continuous image of the city that we want to see:  if the roughly type-set image above suggest a make-do approach of the somewhat scruffy post-industrial port city with big loading docks, but erase its dirt or drastically depressed areas with lively type. 2,543 more words


Marketers playing catch up to evolving Latino market

Last week in the Financial Times Barney Jopson wrote “The Hunt for the Hispanic Dollar.” In this article he looks at how Latinos are acculturated into mainstream US culture. 189 more words

Latino Market