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The Toxicity of the Liberal Democrats

I’ve just returned from my first ever party conference. I wrote before about why I joined the Lib Dems, and was fortunate enough to be able to state from the main platform the reason. 1,214 more words


Significance of some issues overstated at election time

16 August 2015

This month marks five years since Australians woke up in limbo, after a Federal election which had failed to produce a clear winner.  742 more words

Tony Abbott

Coalition government: Was David Cameron better off?

The 2010 general election failed to produce a single party majority for any party and resulted in the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats going into coalition: they would effectively ‘power share’ and a ‘Coalition Agreement’ was decided upon by the party leaders, David Cameron and Nick Clegg after the election result which included a mixture of the two party policies. 1,180 more words


Just Look What You Could Have Won

Shortly after the election the Electoral Reform Society published a bar chart which showed the results under “Proportional Representation”. Basically they had treated the whole of the UK as one constituency, and apportioned the votes into seats using something known as the d’Hondt mechanism, which is what we use to determine MEPs in elections to the European Parliament. 847 more words


Remember the Golden Rule of British Politics - Whatever You Do Keep the Tories Out

As a teenager in London in the mid-90s, everyone I knew was anti-Tory. It was the fag-end of the John Major era, and amidst a sea of sex and corruption scandals the Tories had saved some of the most damaging measures for last, privatising the industries Thatcher hadn’t dared to: electricity, railway and prisons, and continually stigmatising single mothers, gays and lesbians and the ‘undeserving poor’. 861 more words

2010 Election

The Observer may as well have endorsed Russell Brand

Giving an endorsement based not on solutions, but on correctly identifying the problem, seems an odd thing for a newspaper to do – yet that is exactly what… 792 more words


3 things I learnt from watching #Coalition

Disraeli may have thought that “England does not love coalitions”, but I certainly enjoyed the Channel 4 dramatisation of those  crazy days of May 2010, broadcast last night. 778 more words