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Closing Ranks on Canon 915

Deal W. Hudson

Gov. Kathleen Sebelius received some good news last week when abortionist Dr. George Tiller was found not guilty of breaking state laws regulating late-term abortion. 603 more words

New England's nasty battle of flawed men

17 April 2016

The retirement of a veteran National ahead of a state election in New South Wales in 1991 set in train a memorable political career.  861 more words

Why the Senate Needs More Dick: 9 Reasons to Add Richard Gordon to Your List

Updated 5/7/16

Ni Marcial Bonifacio

Mga kaibigan at mga kababayan ko, ang layunin po ng lathalang ito ay hindi upang hikayatin kayo na iboto si Sen. 9,332 more words

2016 Election

Crossbench negotiations won't end soon

21 December 2015

The change in leadership in September might’ve been, at least at this stage, the best thing to have happened to the Federal Coalition of late.  874 more words

Of SCOOTERS, JEEPNEYS, BUSES, and AIRPLANES: A Simple Case Against Gibo, Noynoy, and Manny Villar for President in 2010

Updated 05/07/2010

By Marcial Bonifacio

My Friends, were it not for Senator Richard Gordon’s diverse experience in general and his experience as an executive in particular, I would very likely cast my vote for Manny Villar. 29,995 more words


Why Richard Gordon Is the Best Presidentiable for 2010

by Marcial Bonifacio on Thursday, December 10, 2009 at 5:50am

Mga Kaibigan at Kababayan Ko, one of several factors is likely to determine the next RP President in 2010: youth, wealth, educational credentials, ties to relatives who popularly held public office, an image of being the champion of the poor in films, charm, eloquent speaking skills, etc. 5,255 more words