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Tuesday 16-11-10: Hillside and Twilight

I returned calls from Peter at QuangoHousing, and from the manageress of Hillside Haven whom I have not met. Peter is a helpful person — he wanted to know whether there was anything more that he could do for us. 120 more words


Broken Social Scene : 'Sentimental X's'

If you’re like me, then you need to settle down into your Sunday with a song like this one by Broken Social Scene.  Emily Haines, the singer from Metric, takes this song from something good into the sublime.


Monday 15-11-10: information withheld

I phoned E the social worker, in response to her voicemail of Friday 12 November 2010.
We discussed care home fees. When I asked whether whether one particular home (which I have not visited) required a top-up fee, she told me she was not allowed to give me that information, to avoid possible conflict of interest. 21 more words


Best Films 2010-2015

I saw AV Club had just done this and I hated some of the films on their list, so I made my own.

50. Contagion… 120 more words

Film Review

11.21.2015 Annie Truitt, Working

Nice impressionistic view of a creative film. I appreciated how long he withheld the end product and instead allowed me to try and fit everything together.