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Easter Sunday 4-4-10

I first contacted the Old Man at 06:25.
“BLEKE, you’re not going to believe me, but I sat in this chair” last night “and I didn’t wake up until this morning.” I told him that he must go and switch off his electric blanket. 255 more words


Opticians AXO (Scrivens)

Opticians AXO (Scrivens), 36 Waingate, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, 2010 • Looks like an art installation or concrete poetry, but is actually a sign for Scrivens Opticians.


Saturday 3-4-10

I told the Old Man to get out a dispersible aspirin.
“What does it come under?” he asked.
Then when he had got out a lansoprazole capsule, and I had told him to swallow it with some water: 7 more words