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Fursaxa - Polpar Moon

Frosty folk that’s perfect for this time of year from the wonderful Tara Burke. This is from her last album, 2010’s wonderful ‘Mycorrhizae Realm’.



Trying to figure out how this works. Bare with me peeps…

Beyond the Black Rainbow

A young woman with strange powers is imprisoned in a futuristic institution run by a mysterious cult in an alternate world version of Reagan’s 1980s. And that’s among the least strange things about this sumptuous blend of science fiction, … 4,416 more words


The Pentland Road

The Pentland Road crosses the island of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides in Scotland. It’s a bit of a hidden route and isn’t much used. But when we were there, back in 2010, we made use of it – largely because we are willing to take the odd risk with tracks. 426 more words


Sticks and Stones (2010)

Sticks and stones

May scar my skin

But the sweet lies you whisper

Slice my soul

And break my heart

Because of you

I’m falling apart


Valley of Death (2010)

My soul inside is dark and cold,
Slipping through reality’s hold.
In the corner crouched and scared.
I see the beast; his teeth are bared. 143 more words


Your Turn (2010)

I’ll be there

Every time you call

I’ll be there

Just to see you fall

I’ll be there

To see you cut to the bone… 13 more words