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[Breaks Week] Bad Tango - Beneath The Surface

In yesterday’s post I said there were a couple of surprises lined up for you folks, and we’re starting Breaks Week with one of them. Let’s take a closer look. 213 more words


The Wrong... Caw

(January 27, 2010)

In this dream I am not in my body.  I am not anything.  I’m watching this happen from a point of view like a camera in a film. 182 more words


A Town Trapped in Time

(January 23, 2010)

The first part of this one that I remember is being downtown in a bigger city standing near a river. (Not Pittsburgh, some other city) There is a guy with me talking to me about something but I remember not really listening to him all that much. 382 more words


We've Lost Him

(Saturday, January 9th 2010)

A man bursts into the front door of my house.  He is holding his head and freaking out, with blood all over him.  88 more words


Shut your Mouth

(Saturday, January 9th 2010)

This one is short, like a quick few second flash. I am in a perspective of looking down in a circular display room with plaques, (Similar to a hunters display room full of the heads of animals) except for in my dream the plaques had human mouths mounted on them. 28 more words


Build us a Machine

(Wednesday, January 6th 2010)

I was sitting in a large movie theater, somewhere in the center block with seats behind me.  I was on an end seat next to the isle of the center block. 522 more words