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Year: 2016      Country: UK     Points: 9/10

One of the weird and slightly frustrating things about living in China is the fact that you get movies in the cinema later than the rest of the world. 508 more words


Shirkers (Tan, 2018)

This is a film about loss and reclamation over a span of several decades, ending on a note of triumph even though its circumstances are anything but. 614 more words

Gnoomes - City Monk

• “City Monk” original music video. Thanks to Rocket Recordings.

“Fantastic Trance Rock from Russia”

From their album “Tschak!” released in March, 2017.

A dose of psychedelic stargaze kraut techno kosmiche pop guaranteed to improve your Saturday. 113 more words


Kylie Minogue - 'Better than Today'

The world did Kylie Minogue dirty back in 2010. Minogue gave us some of the best work of her career with Aphrodite, and while the album did well, it should have been on the level of  115 more words

Venom (2018) Review

Is Venom supposed to be scary? With all the glistening fangs and people eating, you would think so, but as far as the 2018 film goes, Venom, and his relationship with Eddie Brock, is extremely precious and very adorable. 45 more words


November 15 — DNA, Kendrick Lamar (2017)

People aren’t always what they seem. We form perceptions based on what we think is expected or normal.

Today my colleague Tahira Taqi led part of a leadership class that our firm hosts. 141 more words


When I've said all the words I can say

I can only sound.
I dissonance.
I shutter volume.

I scrape metal to metal
–skyscraper groans
–car alarm until it backgrounds.

I tree crack from roots… 29 more words

Sarah Thursday