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Un Asunto De Familia (título en México) es una de las películas más sublimes que he visto en el último año, junto con Roma, donde me ha encantado el poder sutil del desarrollo de personajes de esta película, de sus actuaciones, de su edición, pero sobre todo: de su dirección. 639 more words


1 Shot Wednesday: Blooming Cacti

Today, I got out of the hospital after nine days. This is a dastardly Groundhog’s day! Last spring, my body created drama when she conjured up a strange condition that included a liter of cysts and a confused bile duct. 147 more words


Sworn Virgins - 'Fifty Dollar Bills'

‘Fifty Dollar Bills’ is a wonderfully sleazy disco track with a fantastic hook (“cold dirty money on your pale white skin”) which leads to a fun bass drop. 36 more words

Baroness: Purple (2015)

Red mixed with blue give you purple, so it stands to reason there’s an element of mixing at play with Purple, the most recent release from… 567 more words


Short story: "What the Magpies Are Saying"

“What the Magpies Are Saying,” by Rebecca Field

Appeared here in Ellipsis Zine, March 20th, 2019

577 words

That “something dead” in the first line is a great touch. 37 more words

The Telescopes - You Can't Reach What You Hunger

• “You Can’t Reach What You Hunger” original music video. Thanks to tapeterecords.

“Classic Dream Pop / Shoegaze from England”

A single release in February, 2017. 460 more words


Sen Sen (生生, An Bon, 2018)

“The rules are dead but we are not” jovial granny Lili (Nina Paw Hee-ching) insists as she shows some young whippersnappers how pool should be played. 771 more words