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Memories of Malcolm Wicks, MP who gave people a real voice

My Life, the autobiography of the late Croydon North MP, Malcolm Wicks, is published today. Exclusively here, ALISON BUTLER, who managed his constituency office for more than 20 years, writes of how his memory still brings a fond smile… 1,058 more words


MP Reed condemns "disgraceful" failures over riot pay-outs

More than two years after the 2011 riots, and there’s still 133 people who claimed official compensation who are yet to receive a penny to help them re-build their homes and businesses. 706 more words


Review: The King Blues "Save the World, Get the Girl"

One of the most important bands of the last decade – and probably one of the least well known – is folk punk band The King Blues… 224 more words

A different kind of model

My generation, mostly 90s teenagers, is caught in the web of world politics, ever-changing fashion fads and fragile finances spun by the millennium. Recent cases like the 2011 London riots are a prime example of how just a small portion of youth feels the urge to fight (quite literally) for their welfare, but surely there is another way. 532 more words


Understanding The Summer of Discontent: A Postmodern Analysis of Mediated Representations of the August 2011 Riots in London


Under the warmth of the summer sun, from the 6th and the 9th of August 2011, London experienced the worst bout of civil unrest in a generation (The Guardian 2011), the riots. 9,638 more words


The 2012 London Mayoral Contest: An Election About Nothing?

Perhaps owing to our status as a Kensington-based company, we have been repeatedly asked our opinion on the imminent elections for the post of Mayor of London, a position that – contrary to the expectations of many commentators – has taken on an increasingly high profile, not least owing to the fact that the incumbent is answerable to a… 533 more words


Thou Shalt Not Steal? London Riots and RBS + Lloyds Bailout Compared

Cost to taxpayer of 2011 #Londonriots = c.£100m; cost to taxpayer of RBS + Lloyds #bailouts = c.£1.5trn or 100% of GDP http://t.co/zKJ2la9

— ッ MEDIOLANA® EDU (@Mediolana) August 17, 2011