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Front LCA Bushing Replacement and Steering Rack

So against my better judgement, I undertook the daunting task of replacing the bushings (if they can even be called that) in my front lower control arms. 1,849 more words


2011 Ford Mustang: A driver's perspective

Let’s not call this article a review. I’m not going to drone on about interior creature comforts or available options. I’ll just state up front that they are on par for a $22k+ car and besides, other outlets have covered those items extensively. 1,245 more words


Ummm Ok

So this is likely the most Frankensteined ass-end of a 2011 model Mustang that I’ve seen.

I mean I KNOW the ass of these cars is bad but trying to cover it up with a HUGE wing and som gray piping aint gonna get it done. 46 more words

Steve Saleen's 2011 SMS Mustang

So SMS has rolled out their new 2011 Mustang design.

As in the past Saleen will be offering two versions of the SMS (previously Saleen) one that will basically sport some exterior mods and interior mods and a supercharged version that will, according to an SMS press release, produce 535 hp and 450 ft-lb of torque with the blower. 141 more words

Our Save The Children donation site is up and running!

Here is the link to our donation page for Save the Children. Please think and pray for all the children affected by all these catastrophe’s we have had recently and help us achieve our goal!


It is official! Ford will be providing our ride forĀ 2010!

Hello all,

It is official, Ford will be providing a 2011 Mustang as our ride for the 2010 Tire Rack One Lap of America. And not just any Mustang, the Bristol Pace Car!! 32 more words


2011 Ford Mustang GT: Return of The 5.0

Numbers are important when discussing cars. In Mustang circles there are few more evocative than 5.0, and after 17 years, the 5.0 is back in the Mustang where it belongs. 77 more words

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