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Commander Ben’s "An Invasive Carol" Video Featured in the iWire Invasive Species Newsletter

Wow! What a nice surprise on New Year’s Eve to receive the December 2011 issue of iWire, the monthly e-newsletter about invasive plants and pests in Texas, and to see that they featured my latest Battles with Invasive Species video, “An Invasive Carol”, as part of their newsletter. 64 more words

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Reeling in the Top Aquatic Invasive Species in Texas

Dr. Earl W. Chilton II describes the top aquatic invasive species invading Texas lakes and waterways, including Giant Salvinia, Water Hyacinth, and Hydrilla. Although more of a riparian plant, discover why the Giant Reed poses such a threat to the water and native plants along the Rio Grande River. 43 more words

2011 Texas Invasive Plant Conference

Hydrilla and King Ranch Bluestem Create Devastating Monocultures on Water and Land

Ms. Mary Gilroy describes two invasive plants that have raided Texas waterways and prairies. Learn how Hydrilla (Hydrilla verticillata) creates massive monocultures in lakes and how King Ranch Bluestem (KR Bluestem – Bothriochloa ischaemum) outcompetes native vegetation in the Central Texas Hill Country. 74 more words

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Giant Reed’s Fighting Retreat on Lady Bird Lake

Ms. Mary Gilroy talks about efforts to hunt down and eradicate the Giant Reed (Arundo Donax) around Lady Bird Lake in Austin, Texas. Learn how data collected from… 67 more words

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Strategy and Tactics for Combatting Invasive Plant Species

Mr. Matt McCaw talks about his work, helping to manage conservation lands and improve the quality of water entering aquifers. He describes the different physical and mechanical ways to combat privets (genus Ligustrum) in Central Texas and when necessary, what types of targeted herbicides are the most effective. 50 more words

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Taking a Stand Against the Emerald Ash Borer in Texas

Dr. Stephen Clarke describes efforts to prevent the spread of the Emerald Ash Borer in Texas. Learn if researchers have discovered a native champion against this invasive pest and if warmer temperatures could halt its spread from the Northern United States. 39 more words

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The Relentless March of the Soapberry Borer in Texas

Dr. Ronald F. Billings talks about the expanding range of the Soapberry Borer and how this invasive pest attacks native Western Soapberry trees in Texas. Also, learn how not moving firewood can help prevent the spread of the Emerald Ash Borer, another invasive species in the same genus. 39 more words

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