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Fashionista Cutie 2011 Fashion Pack

This was the last Barbie item I received from my mother before I was deemed ‘much too old for dolls’ and she ‘wasn’t buying a thing more.’ Regardless of all that, I still loved this fashion pack and used it often. 604 more words


Ratings Archive: TERRA NOVA (Season 1)

I have no idea what FOX was expecting when they went through the trials and tribulations of setting up a dino action TV show. Multiple delays in production, rising costs, a climbing number of executive producers, and a cast that is certainly not making any show look that good. 271 more words

Season 1

Dona Had a Farm

Here’s an oldie but goodie, from five years ago today. Gabe was nine and Finn was two and a half.

THE PRINCESS BRIDE - William Goldman

I was speaking to a friend about this book/ movie the other day and she said she’d never heard of it… to me that was INCONCEIVABLE! 239 more words


Accidentally In... Something

How many of us have met someone who just takes our breath away – and then that lack of oxygen slowly kills our creative groove? 610 more words


Once Upon a Time

A young woman with a troubled past is drawn to a small town in Maine where fairy tales are to be believed.

IMDb’s Link

Dengan cerita dongeng yang diangkat secara bergantian, tiap season mempunyai daya tariknya tersendiri.

75 more words