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Winning votes, one by one

The story of Barack Obama’s data-driven campaign approach is still being told. Building on their 2008 success, the Obama data junkies assembled a truly astounding, state-of-the-art framework to microtarget advertising and fundraising appeals to the individual level. 357 more words


What does Top Chef have in common with the 2012 presidential election?

Although it has existed for some time, I started playing around with Google Trends today and discovered some very useful tools. One is called Correlate… 155 more words

Barack Obama

Obama's data machine

2008’s “hope and change” morphed into “Big Data” in 2012:

In fact, the tech side was the only part of the Obama operation that could credibly be framed as a throwback to the old Hope and Change: Despite the slash-and-burn quality of the Obama reelection campaign as seen by America’s television viewers, the president’s 33 million Facebook fans “were experiencing a whole different campaign that was largely positive,” Goff explained at Harvard.

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Bibi Netanyahu: "Now I'm going to offer you a hamburger"

The Israeli prime minister awkwardly congratulates American ambassador Dan Shapiro on Barack Obama’s reelection: 9 more words


I promise I hadn't seen this video before last night's post.

A little hyperbolic, to be sure, but essentially the same point I was trying to make. 9 more words


The corrective: Obama's victory and a return to reality

Last night, at 11:18 PM Eastern time, FOX News called Ohio — and thus the presidency — for Barack Obama. The announcement followed closely on the heels of ones by NBC, MSNBC, and CBS, and appeared almost simultaneously with a similar declaration from CNN. 1,656 more words