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Enter the Void

It’s been 5 months since I came back from Thailand and I can’t deny it’s been a tough one. I try to title all my posts with movie titles but this is one is TOO fitting. 1,447 more words

Barbara: Autumn In Bangkok (2012)

Going the Distance

So school finished and I had two weeks to travel, my original plans were to go backpacking through Indonesia, finally see Bali and Java, places that I’ve been dying to go to. 509 more words

Barbara: Autumn In Bangkok (2012)

Field of Dreams

Wow finals week! Yes people I actually have exams believe it or not. I had four exams in the next two weeks and the Yee Peng festival in between. 1,975 more words


Back to Reality

Returning to your home university after studying abroad is like waking up from a dream.  In this dream, you met many new people, saw many strange, new things, and didn’t have to attend to some of the normal stresses of everyday life in the modern world.   709 more words

Study Abroad

Derping for a while in Southern China

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of visiting Shenzhen and Guangzhou, two fairly large cities in the Guangdong province of Southern China.

The trip was very easy and painless, so if you’re ever in one of these areas, you might as well take a look around!   328 more words

Paul: Autumn In Hong Kong (2012)

The Beach

So before finals I wanted make another big trip for at least 10 days and I thought nothing would be better than the gulf islands of Thailand and then the paradise islands close to the Andaman Sea. 1,601 more words


Fast & Furious

So originally the plan was to stay in Laos for 10 days, it was after midterms and well I guess the professors here take vacations as well because 3 out of my 4 classes were cancelled. 1,547 more words