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Was Diane Sawyer Drunk During 2012 Election Coverage?

I was wondering if I was the only one that noticed, but social media is all over this today.  Either Diane Sawyer was drunk?  Or maybe just really tired?  40 more words


election night coverage 2012 for the fidgety online crowd

Alas, I will be on the road when poll closing starts tonight, but since I keep seeing my 2010 Nate Silver posts getting clicked on, I thought I better add some coverage crack for y’all. 227 more words

Call It APM's 'Snarketplace'

Full disclosure: 1) The hardworking staff used to write commentaries for Marketplace; 2) We know and like Marketplace Money host Tess Vigeland; 3) Marketplace consistently produces good radio. 147 more words

In the Lime-Light

When campaigning started for the 2012 Elections, the race for the Missouri Senate seat between Clair McCaskill and Todd Akin was just one of many. However, that did not last long. 421 more words

2012 Election Coverage