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Why Donald Trump is Still Leading

Over the last week, Donald Trump‘s presidential campaign has taken a dark, foreboding tone. First, he discussed with a reporter the possibility that he might… 1,403 more words


Mizzou president stepped down for 'poo-swastika' that no one can prove existed

University of Missouri system president Timothy Wolfe resigned on Monday after demands by football players and activists with Concerned Student 1950. It was claimed he didn’t do enough to address racism and bigotry and campus. 580 more words


Who are these people again?

I wrote earlier today that I was going to pull up the floorboards trying to disprove my own perception that the rebellious factions within the GOP aren’t all that ideologically distinctive. 742 more words


Coal company to pay $5,000 fine for 'fire Obama' signs

The Hill: A major coal mining company has agreed to pay $5,000 to settle charges that it violated election spending rules by distributing anti-President Obama signs in 2012. 275 more words


Coal Company Faces $5,000 Fine For Displaying ‘Fire Obama’ Signs


Murray Energy reviews media inquiries on a case-by-case basis.  All media inquiries should be directed to media@coalsource.com

Image Via  Murray Energy Corp


Michael Bastasch… 165 more words

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Don't be fooled by the Charlatan in the white house.

Obama meets the definition of a Charlatan on many levels Immediately after the shooting in Oregon President fell back to his gun control mantra, immediately and I mean immediately  you can almost see his pitiful mind formulating his plan to take away one of our greatest rights, the right to keep and bare arms. 375 more words

Dear America,

Brace Yourself

I’m just giving you a fair warning. The ringing “this did not change the race” the pundits are touting – and the repeated showing of a map that is NOT favoring McCain is going to bring out the ugly. 395 more words