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Romney, Secretary of State: Recall 2012 Gaffes Abroad?

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney will be meeting with President-elect Trump this weekend to discuss a possible post as Secretary of State.

Ah, the good old days… Remember the 2012 elections? 629 more words

Politics In Ameirca

Make America Great Again!

When Obama ran for a 2nd term, I voted for him.

That might surprise some of the people who’ve been following this blog, especially if you’ve seen any my posts during the current election season. 948 more words

Donald Trump

Rocky Mountain Collegian messages from the 2012 election still true today

By Gary Kimsey

Good messages of the past can stick like glue all the way into the present.


In the early days of the fall semester of 2012, with America still struggling from the long-lasting economic recession that started four years earlier, the… 1,127 more words

Trump underperforming Romney in final stretch

With 15 days to go, Hillary Clinton has cemented her position as the overwhelming favorite to win the election on November 8th. 682 more words

2016 Election

See Trump Win. Winning!

W e put so much stock in The Polls. We Americans love scientific proof because it wins all arguments. And in politics the polls are our most trusted, indisputable “facts.” 920 more words

Author: David Anderson

Debate 2016?

My latest column is up at AND Magazine!

Here is an excerpt:

This election has had a strange effect on me. I’m feeling things that I’ve never felt before, and no, it’s no “thrill up my leg” a la Chris Matthews.

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