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John Nichols on Money in Politics: $10 Billion in Political Ads in 2012 (video)

One issue that unites millions of voters is  their disgust for big-money politics and their hatred of misleading, negative political advertising.

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February 20th Democratic Caucus Guidelines


The following rules MUST be followed by guest observers at the precinct caucus:

  • Only eligible, registered caucus participants may participate on caucus matters or elections.
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Bullet trains for the US? Thanks, AMLO!

According to journalist Anabel Hernández, the impetus for bringing high-speed rail service to North America came from Andrés Manuel López Obrador, whose 2012 election platform included developing high-speed railway connections throughout Mexico as a stimulus not just for the tourism industry, but as part of an overall transportation plan that included new highways (and expanding the Mexico City airport, not… as is presently being considered… in the biologically sensitive water-shed chosen by the Peña Nieto administration). 239 more words

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