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It should not take 22 people to tweet

The University of North Carolina has released a study on the use of Twitter in the 2012 Presidential Election. Perhaps the most interesting tidbit is this: by the end of the Romney campaign, it took… 399 more words

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Fr. Tony Flannery: Envisioning a more Christ-like church

Perhaps this is what church is meant to be: people drawn together, not by the obligations of Sunday attendance but by the call of the Gospels to build a better world. 787 more words


Voters Speak on Election Choices: Barack Obama or Mitt Romney?

BOSTON-Three Massachusetts residents are divided in their choice between the Democratic candidate, President Barack Obama, and the Republican candidate, Governor Mitt Romney.

Milton Safren, an 81-year-old, retired private investigator from Dedham, Massachusetts, plans to vote for Governor Mitt Romney. 472 more words

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"Palin Family Brawl" - I SOOOOOOOO Want This Story To Be TRUE!!!

Oh, YES! I’ve read the latest stupid stories about the Palin family supposedly being “involved in a brawl” from the political ne’er do wells over at the Immoral Minority and Political Gates (& I’m NOT linking to them…let THEM link to ME – as they’ve done in the past)…LOL!!! 602 more words


Deranged Todd Akin is back — and steps in it again!

I love it when these nutcases come out of the GOP woodwork…


The rape denialist now says he told the truth about those lying women in 2012. 427 more words