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album review : Orkan (2012) - Vintersorg

album : Orkan

artist : Vintersorg

genre : Viking/Folk Metal, Progressive Metal

year : 2012

Jamming even more seriously to their own proggy folk tunes, the Swedish-duo reproduce their jolly good music, and while you’re playing the album you’ll even forget to wipe your nasal mucus. 542 more words

album review : Phantom Antichrist (2012) - Kreator

album : Phantom Antichrist

artist : Kreator

genre : Thrash Metal

year : 2012

The thrash veterans are making an attempt to master the laws of heavy metal so they can continue composing music albeit having lost their original identity somewhere. 969 more words

album review : Where the Corpses Sink Forever (2012) - Carach Angren

album : Where the Corpses Sink Forever

artist : Carach Angren

genre : Symphonic Black Metal

year : 2012

‘Where the Corpses Sink Forever’ is a much needed new chapter in the grueling genre of extreme symphonic black metal. 720 more words

album review : Obsidium (2012) - Enthroned

album : Obsidium

artist : Enthroned

genre : Black Metal

year : 2012

After a few not-so-terrific releases, Enthroned has managed to capture the essence of some real black metal we all need at the moment. 449 more words

album review : Lillie: F-65 (2012) - Saint Vitus

album : Lillie: F-65

artist : Saint Vitus

genre : Doom Metal

year : 2012

The next time someone comes to you and weeps that there is no band in this world that has been consistent, or there is not a single metal act who have not given in to stupid trends that tend to influence them in their career, make sure you hold that person by the neck, rush to the nearest wall and bang their head against it to produce a loud thud. 446 more words

album review : Tragic Idol (2012) - Paradise Lost

album : Tragic Idol

artist : Paradise Lost

genre : Gothic Rock / Metal

year : 2012

They are amongst the first names from the early death/doom metal era, but  503 more words

album review : Rise of the Phoenix (2012) - Before the Dawn

album : Rise of the Phoenix

artist : Before the Dawn

genre : Melodic Death/Gothic Metal

year : 2012

When you drink a solid beer, that tastes exactly like how you had imagined it would be, once, you don’t stop drinking it. 501 more words