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NSU Biggest Loser 2012 Winner Revealed!

It’s been a long, strange, good voyage and we’ve finally made it to the end of the official NSU Biggest Loser 2012 Program and to the beginning of our individual ongoing journeys toward good health! 238 more words

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Final Weigh-In is One Week Away!

Slimsters, we are in the home stretch! This week, all of us 2012 NSU Biggest Loser participants have gone in for our final blood work and fitness assessments to capture a snapshot of how our health and fitness levels have changed over the course of the program. 208 more words

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Which Club Do You Want to Join?

Scary statistics about American obesity came out this week, with researchers claiming as many as 42% of all American adults will be obese by the year 2030. 374 more words

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We’re On Our Own & Creating Healthy Lifestyles

May has always been the month that most of us NSU 2012 Biggest Loser participants have been anticipating with mixed feelings. That’s because our structured Monday, Wednesday, Friday workout schedule with trainers and teammates, group nutrition meetings, and group Guided Change meetings have come to an end. 538 more words

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NSU's Biggest Losers Conquer Aqua Fit, with Photo Montage to Prove It!

One of the best parts about Fridays (other than the inherent goodness that accompanies all Fridays) is that for all of us in NSU’s 2012 Biggest Loser program it means we’ll be working out together, and more times than not we’ll be trying a new fitness activity. 203 more words

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Mythbusters Edition! Check Out How Fitness Misconceptions Can Sabotage Weight Loss

Thought this was a great article published by Consumer Reports and The Washington Post about the ways in which common misconceptions can help or hinder fitness and weight loss goals. 795 more words

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Gold Circle Challenge Re-Match & Continued Weight Loss Streak

Okay Slimsters, time to shake it up and get back into the groove! As you may have noticed, I took an unexpected hiatus from the blog when I had to take a backseat in the 2012 NSU Biggest Loser program because of some unexpected medical complications. 649 more words

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