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Prying Open The Helmet: My Journey Since December 2012

So here’s the deal, Jessica Biel…

Towards the end of 2012, what I thought was the end-all, be-all of my everyday, successful existence as an editor for MTV went kablooie. 1,044 more words

2012 Shift

Blue Moon - New Cycle of Awareness

Don Juan said that seeing was the crucial element in both the destruction of the ancient seers’ world and in the reconstruction of the new view. 615 more words


Surround Yourself With The Images of the World You Want to See

I get sort of obsessed with the news. I look for patterns in stories that are either real or not real to see how public opinion and public psychology is manipulated. 202 more words

What's True #5: Setting Intention

What’s true is that we currently have massive amounts of energy easily available to us, begging to be used. If you were ever going to make a change, start a project or step into a new role, now is the time to do it. 1,354 more words


a year of sharing; convergent spirits; freeing our minds

With the new year still starchy and pressed, there remains a little time to cast a pondering eye over the year that has passed. Materially and physically 2012 was subdued, while spiritually it was bold and expansive. 1,441 more words


Gimme Some Hair.......Long Beautiful Hair (part 4)

Happy Holidays to everyone!  I hope you all have had an awesome season this year.

Today is New Year’s Eve Day…..and we are almost done with 2012.  950 more words


The spiritual ego

As human beings, we developed a human ego.  As our evolution progressed on the spiritual level we developed a spiritual sense.  And over the last few decades, many of us have been developing a spiritual ego. 294 more words

2012 Apocalypse