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Most people still ignore most politicians online...

The great open access journal International Journal of Communication just published a paper I’ve written with Cristian Vaccari called “Do People “Like” Politicians on Facebook? Not Really. 719 more words

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An ever-more unequal playing field? Campaign communications across digital, “earned”, and paid media

Cristian Vaccari and I will be presenting a first slice of our 2012 data on campaign communications in competitive U.S. congressional districts across digital media, “earned media” (news coverage) and paid media (campaign expenditures on advertising, canvassing, direct mail, online marketing, etc) at the American Political Science Association 2013 annual meeting in Chicago. 611 more words

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Data-Crunched Democracy

I spent the day at Data-Crunched Democracy, an excellent conference organized by Daniel Kreiss and Joe Turow focused on the increasingly important role of “big data”, quantitative data analysis, and formal modeling in US political campaigns. 977 more words

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Ground Wars, one year on

My book Ground Wars, on how American political campaigns reach out to voters at the door and over the phone, one person at a time, on a very large scale, was published a year ago. 676 more words

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Targeting and turnout in the 2012 US Presidential Election

One of the big questions in the run-up to the 2012 Presidential Election was what the turnout would be. Would the supposed “enthusiasm gap” lead to lower turnout amongst some of the key demographics behind Obama’s 2008 victory, like African-Americans and college students? 1,002 more words

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The triumph of mathematics (or how Nate Silver got drunk)

“Drunk Nate Silver stumbles through traffic on the Jersey Turnpike, screaming out what time each driver will get home.” @davelevitan

I know… I am late to the game… let’s chalk it up to a very busy schedule in the lab. 474 more words

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Into the Wild - Republicanism

Finally, the 2012 general election in the USA is over. Even for a die hard such as myself the sheer expanse and intensity of this event is exhausting and, results aside, it’s a major relief. 1,137 more words

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