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WATCH: GOP's McAllister and Democrats' Cardona on HLN "Weekend Express"

WASHINGTON (November 3, 2012) – Republican strategist Lenny McAllister and former DNC Communications Director Maria Cardona discuss the final strategies for President Obama and Gov. Romney as November 6 approaches. 61 more words


LISTEN: "The McAllister Minute" (October 31, 2012)

“Folks, there is really only one choice to make this Election Day: choose yourself.

“What we’re still waiting for – however- is if what you say in presidential debates these days really matters as well. 236 more words

The McAllister Minute

LISTEN: Lenny McAllister on NPR's "The Barbershop" October 12, 2012

WASHINGTON (October 12, 2012) – Republican political commentator and community activist Lenny McAllister (The Chicago Defender contributor and author, “Spoken Thoughts of an Amalgamated Advocate in Today’s America”) talks with “Tell Me More” guest host Celeste Headlee, “The Barbershop” host Jimi Izrael, and the guys of the popular National Public Radio weekly segment about reactions to the Biden/Ryan debate October 11. 103 more words


WATCH: McAllister with Sambolin and Martin on CNN’s “Early Start” Oct 10 2012 (second segment)

WASHINGTON, DC (October 10, 2012) – Each with ties to the Windy City, former GOP adviser Lenny McAllister (author, “Spoken Thoughts of an Amalgamated Advocate in Today’s America”), CNN Contributor and political analyst Roland Martin, and “Early Start” host Zoraida Sambolin discuss the impacts from the first presidential debate and the Wednesday congressional hearing on the assassination of Ambassador Chris Stevens. 80 more words


LISTEN: Lenny McAllister on "America's Radio News Network"

WASHINGTON, DC (September 24, 2012): Political commentator, noted public speaker, and author Lenny McAllister speaks with the crew at America’s Radio News Network concerning the latest in the 2012 presidential election and the prospects for the Romney campaign to get back on track through strong performances at the debates. 69 more words

Lenny McAllister

WATCH: Lenny McAllister Talks Convention Season on Canada's Sun News Network

Republican commentator Lenny McAllister talks with Sun News Network’s Brian Dunstan to review the two conventions and what political party has more momentum at the start of the general election season. 40 more words


Obama Brought Hope; Can Romney Bring Real Change for a Changing America in 2012?

One ticket brought hope to the working and middle classes of America in 2008. Can the Romney-Ryan ticket really articulate a vision of positive change in November 2012 for those same voters? 469 more words