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4 reasons to join a blogging challenge

Although I love vanilla and chocolate cupcakes, it didn’t feel right to end the month-long WordCount Blogathon challenge without a post that sums up the experience – and the benefits – that come with blogging every day. 426 more words


Happy Dance Time!

Excuse me for just a minute while I do a happy dance . . .

This is my second year to participate in the WordCount Blogathon. 582 more words


Blogathon Wordle Day

For those who celebrate or commemorate it, I hope you have a wonderful Memorial Day. Today many of us in the WordCount Blogathon are posting a… 71 more words

Fun Food Bites

Wordle – May 28, 2012

I must say I was surprised by some of the words that appear. I will confess to using blogger’s license and omitting the following words: flies, bleach, and kill.

Happy Memorial Day!

2012 WordCount Blogathon

If I Were to Start Blogging Today, I Would. . .

I have been blogging for over seven years now, so you would think that I would be enough of an expert by now to have something wise-sounding to say about the whole blogging practice. 534 more words

2012 WordCount Blogathon

My Son, in Haiku

Today is Haiku day in the 2012 WordCount Blogathon. I am not a poet and, quite frankly, planned to skip the haiku in favor of a regular post. 43 more words

2012 WordCount Blogathon

Running With Purpose: A Photographic Record

I am participating in the 2012 Wordcount Blogathon, which means one post every day for the month of May.

I am currently reading a running book that has a lot of great advice in it. 358 more words