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Football in the back yard

Tuesday 26 June 2012 (evening)

Not long after 17:35, I see a man (presumably Mr GS) get into the front passenger seat of the GS family’s little black hatchback which is parked at the kerb alongside their house. 618 more words


Nissan Altima 2012 Black for Parts

Salvage condition Nissan Altima 2012 color black, with good transmission and motor, both tested and guarantee for 90 days, also the seats and interior parts are ok, lights and electrical system can be used as well, if you are in need of something in specific, don’t wait call to find out if is still available, because this cart is popular and it may go fast. 21 more words


Risk pays off

Tuesday 26 June 2012

I take a calculated risk, and at about 11:45 I start mowing the lawns although rain is threatening. I manage to finish all four at about 13:15, before the rain starts. 310 more words


Insect day

Tuesday 26 June 2012

Shortly before 11:00, a big white BT van is parked alongside number 35, but a few minutes later it has gone. Not long after 11:15, a cat crosses the road towards the Efords’ drive, and walks past the fence of light-brown-creosoted wooden panels that separates the drive from the school-house garden. 396 more words


Nules. The Birthday

Summer 2012, the whatsapp work started. I was ( and I am) among those who are technology friendly. It was simple to explain what, the simple answer was: I am among those who spend time in front of the computer, PC, tablet, Laptop, smartphone, apple devices. 372 more words


London. 6 hours

You know, when people ask you about who is your best friend and you have to think about it… I was very comfortable saying: … 292 more words