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The Man Who Wasn't There - Part 30

Unfortunately, the freak storm did have one casualty. Chase’s father, Cliff, was killed when something in the backyard exploded. Chase has gone to the hospital with his parents. 820 more words

Dellani Oakes

Mrs Kulak, Mrs Oldgreen, and their daughters

Thursday 28 June 2012

When I get back from shopping at AltGroce, it is pouring with rain, and I find the big white van is blocking the drive of the Old Man’s house. 630 more words


Unprecedented reluctance

Thursday 28 June 2012

After overnight rain, it is a damp and dull start to the day. A big white van has been parked since yesterday evening, partly on the pavement, alongside the JGs’ house rather than, as usual, alongside the Old Man’s house. 552 more words


Did Obama Accidentally Destroy the Democratic Party?

He was supposed to be the messiah.

He would cure the sick. He would stem the rising tides. He would end the decade of foreign wars. 396 more words

Dirty Democrats

Pretty Little Sweater

I’m reading your words right now. It’s strange that I find them comforting.

I think I meant that to be a question – because it is strange, isn’t it?  399 more words