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raison d’etre - Collected Works

raison d’etre – Collected Works CD Infinite Fog Productions 2013

The long standing and highly revered raison d’être can be classified as one of the pinnacle acts and pillars of the second wave of the dark ambient scene, noting the first wave was pioneered by the dark ambient genre founder – Lustmord. 318 more words

Dark Ambient

A Buddhist Sunday - Sankhu Vajrayoginī temple

In the area near Sankhu according to legend there used to be a huge lake where Buddhas and Bodhisattvas and great masters came to meditate. 392 more words


日本旅行:瀬戸内へ 2









Final Selection - Imagined Landscape

Understanding the chosen displacement map, simplifying, re-constructing.
Contouring and rendering done in 3DS Max


Feminist Dictionary: What is The Patriarchy?

November 5, 2013

I recently noticed that a day rarely goes by where I do not mention The Patriarchy. I find ways to bring it up in every day conversation, my comments on the movie I saw last weekend, my response to news headlines. 66 more words


"Pocahotties”, “Geisha Girls” and “Rasta Impostas"

October 28, 2013

Hey there, BCIAW reader. I don’t know you and it’s possible you don’t know me. I’m not one to ask for favours from strangers but in this case, I have to make an exception. 143 more words

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