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CBGB - OST (2013)

CBGB – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
(Rhino Deluxe Digital Exclusive Version) 2013

CBGB OST (Rhino Deluxe Digital Exclusive Version) 2013


01. Talking Heads – Life During Wartime…

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The Tale of Princess Kaguya (2013)

Directed by Isao Takahata
Written by Isao Takahata & Riko Sakaguchi

I think viewing The Tale of Princess Kaguya, side B of Studio Ghibli’s 2013 double feature with… 759 more words


Review of 'Bronze Gods' by A.A. Aguirre

Bronze Gods is a fast-paced detective mystery novel set in a fey steampunk England analogue. With great action, an interesting plot, and some first-class worldbuilding, you’ll find yourself pulled into the mystery along with the characters as they race against the clock to catch a madman before he can complete a dire ritual with unknown consequences. 970 more words


How challenging should a challenger brand be?

Challenger branding isn’t new. But when has it gone too far? With First Direct adopting an unexpected and challenging ‘bank that doesn’t talk like a bank’ approach to the category, is that the best foot forward for the brand and the banking sector at large? 436 more words


It's all in the name - what makes a brand name brilliant?

During a recent trip on the tube, an ad for ‘Inhibitif’ caught my eye. Sounds like a great product, but what about that name? Sure enough, when I got home, I remembered the product, but not the name. 615 more words


Reinventing the category - why Nurofen's new direction works

It’s been around for a month or so now, but Nurofen’s new emotional positioning of the lifestyle benefits of pain relief breathes new life in to a category driven by function. 324 more words


Brand characters - signpost or gimmick?

Surf’s recent introduction of a foam-like brand character ‘Surfy’ raises the question of whether brand characters are an important signpost for a brand’s identity or a juvenile gimmick that lacks longevity? 349 more words