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Rainy words flood my mind
Unwanted lies manifest
(leave me)
Soaked up dreams are washed away
I just want to rest
(leave me)
And I’m left here… 131 more words


It Is Mine

You ran away from the darkness

But not as quickly as I ran away from the light

              Contemplation plagued my soul

                                        For the briefest moment in time… 93 more words


[rough drafts]

My mind is held together by strings of irrational dreams.
                    A vast collection of impossibilities.
                           It is true that I have been falling for years – 85 more words


Not Yet

The life I was building for myself has been demolished.

The blueprint has been destroyed in the fire in my mind.

I can barely recognize pieces of the foundation. 138 more words


1,460 days

1,460 days.

4 years.

I can still tell you exactly what I was doing when I got the phone call on June 28, 2013. I can still tell you exactly what I was wearing. 927 more words

Blue Is the Warmest Colour (2013)

Blue Is the Warmest Colour left me with a feeling of melancholy. This is a coming-of-age film that provides an immersive experience as we follow Adele through a selection of her formative years. 427 more words

Mainstream Cinema