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The little house on the hill

I used to live In a little house On a hill And oh the views So beautiful Even still A magical place For sure It was A first real home All just Because By the window I would stand And stare Gazing o… 8 more words


Reluctant to Say

I’m reluctant to say I love you I’m reluctant to say you are wanted I’m reluctant to say what is in my heart I’m reluctant to say you are a need I’m reluctant to say I cherish you I’m reluctant to …

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Soul Engineer

One of my favorite bloggers, I wish she would post more often.

Fix your body Against my heart, Let your hands wander Writing passion With thoughts of art. 27 more words


To the Morning!

“Watching the sun Watching it come Watching it come up over the rooftops. Cloudy and warm Maybe a storm You can never quite tell From the morning. 12 more words


6 Word Story: 2/21

I didn’t realize how valuable I was until I left my abuser. I’m still learning a lot about myself and my self-worth. There’s a lot I need to let go but my head won’t allow i…

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Free Blogging Tools Every Blogger Needs.

When starting out with nothing, you have to find whatever resource available to you. I love that these tools are free! It’s like they were created for me! 17 more words


Today I Break Down

Today I break down.  Tomorrow I might once again stand.  But today I break down.  I don’t care what I should do, or what it looks like from the outside.  15 more words