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How to fight Cambodia's money-making orphanage business

One out of every 350 Cambodian children lives in an orphanage, despite the fact that almost 80 percent of them have a living mother or father, … 274 more words


The Theory Of Everything **1/2 (Out of 4)

Consensus: “The Theory Of Everything boasts strong performances but the story is unfocused and moves along slowly.



Strike the spirit
They long for pain
The pain of breathing and moving
When the very sun begins to rain
And they die in pleasure… 31 more words


Absinthe Antelopes

I genuinely have no idea why I bought Holy Mountain Ancient Astronauts, I’m guessing it must have been recommended to me somewhere, somehow and let’s face it I’m not the hardest person in the world to sell stoner space rock to. 429 more words

Record Collecting

Nightcrawler ****(Out of 4)

Consensus: “Nightcrawler” is the best film of 2014. It is at times thrilling and other times amazingly suspenseful. Jake Gyllenhaal gives a masterfully creepy performance as a man driven to succeed at all costs.