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The colours of Kutch

In late 2013, my wife wanted to visit Kutch in Gujarat as a sourcing trip for her fledgling ethnic gifts business, so we decided we would turn it into our annual new year’s holiday. 323 more words


Peruvianus by Jacob Riyeff

Making love to February air;
staring out at neon lights freezing.
Droning into a rising sun
and drinking soma in the mind—
this beatific brace stunting every thought… 17 more words



the first time my body quivered against  your touch

                                                          city lights exploded

darling the smell of your skin is


   and i don’t ever wanna see the future… 78 more words


imagined letters from a half-grown-up

content warning: sexual content

i. to the bush-man

are you a bush  really     or a tree
books mark you bush
but i blink and see pumpkin tree… 426 more words


color wheel

blue has become my favorite scent

     maybe that’s just because of you–

     that what i really love is finding fibers of your sweater to match the shade… 258 more words


Unplanned Parenthood

Jed Dewhurst lived in the center of town, just a block away from city hall. He was hunchbacked and gray; the shoulders of his suit were broader than his actual structure. 3,943 more words