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Who is reading "Ayres on . . ." and where

This site has been pretty passive since first broad on line in alpha form in late 2014, not much happening and basically waiting for a better day (today!). 124 more words


The Wytches - "Annabel Dream Reader" (2014)

In their 2014 debut album, Brighton three-piece and self-proclaimed “surf doom” rockers The Wytches descend upon the rock scene with their Dick Dale-esque surf riffs and angsty (with a sprinkle of desperate) vocal performances. 344 more words


Roger Pike's Marius 2014 releases

It takes a good effort to get me posting again, and that was delivered last week in a brown paper carton. Roger Pike has a strong following through the mailing list, and the wines have been selling out quickly in previous years. 347 more words

Daily Happenings

Blood Diamonds Soaked in Blue

In July 2016, Mexican-Kenyan actress, Lupita Nyong’o announced she was one of the new faces of Tiffany and Co. Sporting a dazzling bracelet against her brown skin, Lupita has lent her face and status to the jeweler’s  673 more words


You know in the end the door will close

the drop will roll, the wind blow

the sun will part, the leaves fall

time will pass…

what’s possible will be imposed,

feelings will triumph… 150 more words


Heaven Knows What (2014)

Arielle Holmes is addicted. If the heroin doesn’t kill her then her frighteningly unstable boyfriend Caleb Landry Jones definitely will. This movie is INTENSE! Holmes brings both the realism and dramatic skill necessary to sell a performance like this on screen. 58 more words