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Blue Dream (2014, Gergö Elekes)

Blue Dream runs just under five minutes. Until the end, I didn’t realize the protagonist isn’t a protagonist in a fictional story; rather Blue Dream… 171 more words


2014 Travel Japan - Nagoya, Osaka, Fukuoka - 023 We shall meet again

2014 Travel Japan – Fukuoka, Osaka, Nagoya –¬†023 We shall meet again

Nagoya – Osaka

A.Plan for Today

Today, I’m leaving Nagoya and going back to Osaka. 874 more words


“After having found that the manufacture of a pair of glasses generates a lot of waste, I developed a new process that can significantly reduce this waste and thus increase the material yield. 72 more words


Brush Light/Shadow Experiment 04-2014

A very simple light/shadow experiment with objects created in Zbrush.
The green fellow named Kerotan frog is made with Zspheres and of course inspired by Metal Gear Solid;)

Tim Coster

Teuksun 2014 Green Tea from Hankook Tea and Honam Tea Estates

Today’s review will focus on the Teuksun Green Tea from Hankook Tea, sourced from the Honam Tea Estates. The Honam Tea Estates are located on the southern tip of South Korea’s mainland. 747 more words

Green Tea Reviews