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Obit - 4 stars

A charming, old-fashioned documentary about the obituary writers who work for The New York Times, the picture is a tight and compelling look at a particular craft, revealed in interviews with the craftsmen. 184 more words

4 Stars


i told myself that i was fragile.
i cut myself: a bud of iron.
i pressed the wound until it ripened.
i smashed my teeth on fruit like diamond.



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Geometry Over Nonclosed Fields (Simons Symposia)

Based on the Simons Symposia held in 2015, the proceedings in this volume focus on rational curves on higher-dimensional algebraic varieties and applications of the theory of curves to arithmetic problems. 102 more words


The Robust Multigrid Technique

This book presents a detailed description of a robust pseudomultigrid algorithm for solving (initial-)boundary value problems on structured grids in a black-box manner. To overcome the problem of robustness, the presented Robust Multigrid Technique (RMT) is based on the application of the essential multigrid principle in a single grid algorithm. 129 more words


NYC Lady Bug

A lady bug flew into my room. It was 2017 in NYC.  It was September. I had that broken heart and the lady bug didn’t belong there. 146 more words

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