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Mahomes record season sees MVP honours

In some years there is intrigue over who will be the league’s MVP and who will make the year’s all-pro team. Not so much in 2018, as Patrick Mahomes started the season on-fire, carried on on-fire, and had a “down spell” where he was “only” as good as the next best QB. 118 more words

2018 Season

Sailing Tomorrow

For those who’d like to stay close to home on a known plate tomorrow, there will be a few folks sailing from Vannah Rd.

Our apologies for the ads. 13 more words

2018 Season

Sebago Report

Lee sent this picture from today looking north into Jordan Bay.

And Steve Madden and Ramblin Roger sailed it today and found a healed pressure ridge, or maybe an ice junction, about 3/4 mile from the pits. 32 more words

2018 Season

Work Bench

Had to share this. It’s Chris Miller’s work bench, and as you can see, it’s a horror show.

Note the total lack or organization or thought given to work flow or efficiency. 262 more words

2018 Season

Sebago Now

From Pat Keeley, looking south towards Frye Island:

2018 Season

Noerthwest Regatta

Is there anybody on the east coast interested in going to the Northwest? This weekend, Friday through Sunday, Lake Pepin, Wisconsin. Let’s double up trailer, roof rack, whatever. Call Bill 207 975 6980

2018 Season


So we have a pretty nice plate of ice there on the south end of Damariscotta. There are islands, rivers and bays oh my, but in a SW wind, forecast for Wednesday, it’s not so great. 127 more words

2018 Season