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Bahnhof by Blair Gaulton

A poem in German that I originally wrote in May 2018. Found it tonight and decided to publish it.

Bahnhof steht zum verkauf;
zu viele haben gesaufen; 7 more words


Autodesk Maya: Waking Nightmare

A Short Thriller Animation

A child wakes to find himself in a dark confined space. As he makes his way forward, it becomes evident that he is on a train. 21 more words



I just stared
And you grinned

— Cliché, a song by mxmtoon off the album Plum Blossom (Dec 2018).


EMMA PEETERS: Interview with Nicole Palo

Nicole Palo’s Emma Peeters, a unique rom-com with a twist, is a Canadian/Belgian co-production. We have the girl, Emma Peeters (Monia Chokri), who meets the boy, Alex (Fabrice Adde), but we also have a rather unpredictable setting! 1,418 more words


The flowers stand Together

When it starts with flower alone it will feel empty, but when two comes together it is now filled. It’s more beautiful to see a handful of flowers, that gives out more enjoyable life.


A very short review of "Greta" (2018)

“Greta” (2018) has some of the ingredients of a fantastic thriller: an interesting story concept and the talents of both the wonderful Chloe Grace Moretz and the extraordinary Elizabeth Huppert.  228 more words

STEAM Jobs in Space Exploration

Introduces readers to careers in space exploration by exploring and connecting the opportunities to the study of science, technology, engineering, art, and math. Gives an overview of various jobs related to space exploration and points out how each position relates to STEAM subjects. 6 more words