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From Filthy to Philly: The City’s Problem With Litter And The Steps It’s Taking To Change It

“Philadelphia is the only major city in the United States without a citywide street-sweeping program.” When I read this bit some time ago, it began to make sense to me why after almost a decade of living here, Philly’s problem with litter is still one of its most devastating issues. 956 more words




  • 中国到2035年将跻身创新型国家前列
  • 2050年将成为综合国力和国际影响力领先的国家

You can lead the people to water, but you can't make them vote for their own interests. Or can you?

…The essence of the Overton window is that only a portion of this policy spectrum is within the realm of the politically possible at any time…

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Q 2030 - 2037

2030 – Mueller’s team

Two of them leaving ( I think they had something like 13 or 17 to begin with ).  The most important investigation going on according to the news.  794 more words