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208. The winner is the first player to achieve 100 (positive) points.

In mail and computer games, the winner is the first player to achieve 200 (positive) points.

Mutable Rules

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208 - Doing A Runner

Poem number 208
Doing A Runner
Farewell then, all you idle folk
Farewell, I raise a glass
To your vehement refusal
To get off your flabby arse… 129 more words


Richard Burns Rally skin : Kris Princen (Peugeot 208 R5).

Good evening, as I said it in my last post I am coming back to you again, as I just finished another skin. You know that I am working on Belgian drivers’s skin (wishing the best to Stoffel Vandoorne by the way), this isĀ  why the driver I’ve now chosen is a former Belgian Championship winner. 91 more words


Kiko haul/ Sale haul

Hiya :)

I been looking at Kiko products for the longest time and I haven’t purchased anything until now.

Over the years I’ve heard they been having good sales in their shops and online, like REALLY good sells. 139 more words

Our team is starting STRONG(hold)!!!

Our first week of build season has definitely been productive! We have a chassis for the FRC robot and we have been testing some strategies to make sure it goes over the obstacles in the middle of the court. 29 more words