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Obituary - Donald (Daniel) Cashion, Cornwall, ON

I had known about this site for a while, and had made use of their great section on headstones, but I was reminded yesterday about its existence thanks to @geneaalacarte and decided to look up the usual suspects in the obituary section.   379 more words


A Costumed Affair, Montreal, 1911

Montreal Standard, 9 December 1911, Page 26

A Costumed affair

Yes, indeed it was the biggest thing given for years, and all the women present would have put to shame her loyal and lovely Majesty, the Queen of Sheba, so far as real elegance of feeling and satisfaction of soul might be taken into consideration.  320 more words


Popular Couple had Charming Wedding, Victoria, 1919

Daily Colonist, 21 August 1919, page 8

Popular Couple had Charming Wedding

St John’s Church filled yesterday for marriage of Capt AC Futcher and Miss Winnifred E Goodwin. 710 more words


Brock's Death Commemorated, Queenston, 1912

Ottawa Citizen, 14 October 1912, page 4

Brock’s Death Commemorated

Fitting services on Queenstown Heights Field

Queenston, Ont, – Oct 13- Representative military officers, citizens, clergymen, statesmen and Indians gathered here today irrespective of creed or party for the common object of commemorating the splendid victory of Major-General Sir Isaac Brock, one hundred years ago in the historic battle of Queenston Heights, which immortalized his name and saved Upper Canada from the invaders from the south. 475 more words


Your Health Depends on your Underwear, 1912

Ottawa Citizen, 11 October 1912, page 8

Your health largely depends upon the kind of Underwear you use

This is the time of the year when it is absolutely necessary not only for your comfort but for your health as well that your underwear suits you. 144 more words


Dictionary of Family Biography - Sarsfield Ludger Emmett Cuddy

Sarsfield Ludger Emmett Cuddy (26 March 1868 – 28 October 1941) was the son of John Patrick Cuddy and his wife Jane O’Sullivan.  His father was a dry goods merchant and landlord in Montreal’s east end. 412 more words


Reford House, 2016

I received a message through my blog asking about the Reford House, but unfortunately the email address provided does not work.  Here is a response to his question…. 562 more words