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Untangling the Various Narratives - More About Maude Smith, Suffragette, 2016

When writing about a person of note it is always important to understand the different narratives which are used about them.  This is particularly important when you are writing about them as a part of a family history.  1,380 more words


Entertaining & Being Entertained - Etiquette, 1937

From: Etiquette: The Blue Book of Social Usage by Emily Post, New York and London, Funk & Wagnalls Co, 1922/37.


The Late Guest

A polite hostess waits twenty minutes at most after the dinner hour, and then orders dinner to be served.  288 more words


Edward VII Statue, Phillip's Square, Montreal, 1914

Montreal Daily Star, 1 Oct 1914, page 3

Work of Peacemaker will Prevail though Armies Battle Now

Huge crowd cheered wildly as brother of late Monarch unveiled statue in Phillip’s Square – Children sang patriotic air – speeches by the Duke, Sir Thomas Shaughnessy, Sir Alexander Lacoste and Mayor Martin… 938 more words


Club Etiquette, 1922

From: Etiquette: The Blue Book of Social Usage by Emily Post, New York and London, Funk & Wagnalls Co, 1922/37.


When the pioneer women’s club of New York was started – a club that aspired to be in the same class as the most important men’s club—various governors of the latter were unflatteringly outspoken; women could not possibly run a club as it should be run – it was unthinkable that they should be foolish enough to attempt it! 272 more words


Brithers A' The World O'er - Montreal, 1912

Montreal Daily Star, 30 Nov 1912, page 3

St Andrew’s

“Brithers A’ The World O’er”


Obituary - Donald (Daniel) Cashion, Cornwall, ON

I had known about this site for a while, and had made use of their great section on headstones, but I was reminded yesterday about its existence thanks to @geneaalacarte and decided to look up the usual suspects in the obituary section.   379 more words