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Menu for the St Andrew's Ball, Montreal, 1912

Montreal Daily Star, 7 December 1912, page 10

St Andrew’s Society Ball


Consumme Bellevue

Pate d’Huitres Poulette

Mignon d’Agneau Lavalliere

Pomme Noisette… 18 more words


Etiquette for using expressions and pronounciations, 1922

Etiquette: The Blue Book of Social Usage by Emily Post, New York and London, Funk & Wagnalls Co, 1922/37.


If We Borrow from London… 160 more words


The Pen Angle Sweater Coat, 1912

Ottawa Citizen 12 October 1912, page 3

Pen-Angle Sweater Coats

The proof of a sweater coat is in the wearing!

To the most critical eye, a Pen-Angle Sweater Coat excels any other kind in the evident care with which it was so beautifully knit and finished.  112 more words


Dominion Day - 1919

Montreal Daily Star, 1 July 1919, page 10

Margaret Currie’s Chats

No other day in the year should stand for quite as much to us as Dominion Day, and I often wonder if any of us appreciate it as its true value and make as much of it as we should.  614 more words


Chief Morning Star - Appeal for Middlesex Hospital, 1919

Montreal Daily Star, 27 November 1919, page 14

The Prince of Wales, as Chief Morning Star, the symbol of light and hope, comes forward in a new enterprise, and thousands to whom the night brought suffering and pain will greet the Dawn he heralds with gratitude and joy. 164 more words


Breaking the Silence and Taking Back My Power, 2016

I was eighteen years old and I was riding my bicycle home from the mall. I had just stopped at a stop sign and was looking for a break in traffic, to turn left in safety.  572 more words


Obituary -Agnes Bryden Blacklock, 1915

Cornwall Obits, 1915

Mrs Blacklock

Another of the old and highly esteemed residents of the county, Mrs Blacklock, died on Friday, April 9 at her residence, Grove Hill Farm, East Front Cornwall, aged 84 years and 10 months.  203 more words