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The Tower of Babel (Ultimate Charades)

This week I don’t have any exciting Japanese adventures to write about. What I’ll mention is one of the biggest difficulties of living in a country where you barely speak the language and of course it’s communication. 449 more words

Variety Show!!

When talking about recipes I LOVE,

I almost always say I love that it’s Versatile.

What Do I Mean by That?

I mean that I can take that general recipe… 373 more words


At the age of twenty-three, I still do not know what career path I would really like to take. I feel like I am facing so many crossroads and I am so confused which way I must choose. 828 more words

Jhonn Robert

Happy Belated Holidays... Whats Up? :)

     I haven’t wrote too much of anything… which is already breaking one of my New Year Goals. But I’ll just recap my holiday season….. 

Dec 24, 2013 – Got dumped by a fairly new boyfriend because I shared a dream that I had… Which was literally about having a threesome with my best friend… something I was very open about from day one that I would never be into. 208 more words

No. 99 Have a Fancy Dress Party

So I had a fancy dress party last night! It was pretty amazing. I mean I kind of cheated with this number as I have done quite a few of these parties with my friends but it has been such a long time so I’m counting it. 258 more words

Repost from Previous Blog: The Stuck Up Millenial

Some of your friends are moving out. Some are moving to exotic places. Some are getting married. Some are having their babies (then get married). Some have jobs in major cities and receiving twice your salary. 189 more words