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Some Elhiem figures.

I’ve painted up some example of Elhiem’s work that I’ll share with you. One of the good things about Matt the guy behind Elhiem is that he is very responsive to customer requestsd and suggestions, he has a Facebook page just for to post ideas to. 252 more words

Tamron and Tokina announce their new lenses for the FE system

Tamron and Tokina are now heavily investing in the Sony FE system:

1) Tamron announced the development of the new 28-75mm f/2.8 FE lens. They say the image qaulity is on par with the 24-70mm Sony GM. 21 more words


Gaslands - Mazda RX-3 and '65 Corvette

I was so happy with the results of my Vallejo pigment experiment that I picked up an additional pigment (dark red ochre) to use with my next two cars, a Mazda RX-3 from the Hot Wheels ‘Japan Historics’ line, and a thrifted 65 Corvette convertible. 944 more words


Gaslands - Cobra Daytona

In the interest of making sweet rusty post-apocalyptic death machines, I decided to pick up and try one of Vallejo’s pigments. Snagged brown oxide to start and just used it as a final coat on my Cobra Daytona, having used various reds and browns first and feeling like it just wasn’t crusty enough. 564 more words


Gaslands - Putting a New Face on an Old Obsession

I have more time for hobbies these days, but I keep using them for hobbies, and not for writing about hobbies. Also, M gave me a PS4 for Christmas and Horizon Zero Dawn is amazing! 490 more words