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The Rabbit Hole Organic Tea Bar

“Do you have coffee?”

“No, sorry.”

“Do you have wine?”

“… No..”

“Oh my goodness, what place is this?!”

“We specialize in tea.”

Overheard the above exchange just as I was leaving, which I thought pretty much summed up the whole place :) 30 more words


Handbuilt 20x102mm cannon prototype

Josh, the inventor of this fine piece of garage engineering writes:

Good evening all, and a happy early Thanksgiving.

I just wanted to share my abomination that I will attempt to test-fire tomorrow.

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Homemade Guns

The Devils Run:Route 666

Some of you may know that I occasionally get tempted by a Kickstarter here and there……..well I backer one earlier this year which Ive mentioned a few times, The Devils Run:Route 666 by Word Forge Games.   684 more words

Mt. Chokaisan

I took this picture at Mt.Chokaisan in Japan.

Camera:Nikon D750
Lens :Nikon AF-S NIKKOR 20mm f/1.8G ED
Lens focal length : 20 mm.
20mm F16 1/250s ISO 100… 46 more words


Autumn waterfall

Location was around Mt.Fuji.
Called this waterfall SHIRAITO NO TAKI.
I took this picture early morning.

Camera:Nikon D750
Lens :Nikon AF-S NIKKOR 20mm f/1.8G ED… 48 more words


OT-130 Chemical Tank conversion kit

Minairons have a new OT-130 conversion kit for the T-26. Looks simple but effective. The OT-130 flamethrower tank is available now.

Source: OT-130 Chemical Tank conversion kit