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Ersatz M10 Panzer Brigade 150 - Dragon 1/72nd Panther D and Cpl Overby conversions

New Project Ardennes Ersatz M10s . . .

A new project (among a few that I have to get around to posting) is 3x Ersatz M10s from Panzer Brigade 150 which were deployed as part of Operation Greif during the Dec ’44 Ardennes Offensive. 654 more words

Spilt Glue And Paint Fumes - Pics From The Workbench

Just Before Daylight

Before Daylight Savings, that is. Although I welcome the cooler weather, and look forward to layering myself with winter clothes, waking up to beauty like this is something I’ll definitely miss. 14 more words


Around St. Peter's

The art on the most unassuming streets and alleyways here never fail to amaze me.