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Dude, you gotta learn how to be with yourself

That’s what a dear friend of me told me after 1 week of my breakup with my 2 year boyfriend.  “Dude, you gotta learn how to be with yourself first, then you can go on dates.”  Something in my stomach turned when she said that.   641 more words


To All 20-Somethings

Warning: Strictly for 20 something people ;)

I have always watched people crumble and stand up. I have watched people change and I have watched them grieve over a loss and come out of it gradually. 940 more words


A Prayer For The Days You Feel Broken Beyond Repair

Dear God,

I come to you with every part of myself shattered. I come to you with the person I used to be so far gone, I can hardly remember him. 587 more words


Cheers to insanely stupid ideas.

You all have that one friend that always convinces you to do that one thing you exactly should not do.  I am that friend.

The urban dictionary describes the words “bad ideas” as: “A Bad Idea is when someone puts a light bulb up your anus, then breaks it by kicking you in the ass.” A disgusting definition, but yet so true. 125 more words

1 mes

Hoy se cumple un mes desde que empecé a cuidarme sin promesa de por medio.

Fue la mejor decisión del mundo. No someterme a la fuerza invisible de la promesa no cumplida y de la vergüenza de bajar los brazos cuando la cosa se pone difícil. 7 more words

#goals- inspiration & my bedroom design scheme

Welcome back to Design329!

Redecorating a bedroom may take quite a while to give it those unique touches and personal flair. Before doing any actual work for my room- no room layout, purchases or DIYs- I’ve been exploring Pinterest and my favorite design blogs for inspiration. 372 more words

Apartment Decor

Finding Work as a 20 something

Finding a job as a 20 something is not as easy as it once seem. Between the experience needed and the education required, it becomes nearly impossible to find the “dream job”. 401 more words