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Where Have I Been? // Update

For a while I’ve been thinking about how I need to get back to writing and posting things on my blog. Yet I just haven’t gotten to it. 391 more words


What 'Happily Never After' is All About

First of all, I want to give a quick shout out to everyone who has helped view and share my video. At this moment, YouTube says it has 7,193 views (Click… 1,001 more words

My Breakup Project

Food and Exercise Diary - 5/22

Today was my first day of really watching what I eat and my first day of exercising. It pretty much went like:

Let’s see, I only almost passed out twice trying to run for 8 whole minutes with a minute and a half walk between each minute. 392 more words


20 something

If you’ve read my blog before, you know that I am in my early 20s. And with that, comes a lot of changes, chaos, and just plain ole day-to-day things. 341 more words


Fancy on a Fork: What's New and HOT in Harlem?

 Truly, I am at a loss for words. Well…not really, as much as there just aren’t enough to describe the experience, as it was an “experience”. 1,102 more words


Being a 20 something

I figured blogging would be cheaper than therapy
Even if I am still talking to myself, at least its In the open.
Makes me feel a little better… 434 more words


Operation: Beauty Rest

So, now that I’m back at my parents’, I have about a month until I start work and plenty of free time. So, it’s time to undo what school did. 190 more words