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Trouble in PokeParadise

I downloaded the Pokemon Go App because 13 years ago, like all of the other little girls my age, you could find me sitting in front of the TV on Saturday morning with NaeNae, my Stuffed Nine Tails (named… 356 more words


Grace, grace, God's grace

Yes, the title of this blog comes from one of the hymns we sang in church all the time growing up. I’m pretty sure they are still singing it regularly at Olive Baptist Church. 1,181 more words



I’ve always been advised to live a life in balance. And so I tried my best to do just that. Financially. Physically. Relationally. And even spiritually. 255 more words

here again

Love. An experience, a feeling, and a drug that I can’t compare to anything else in this world. It controls me. And as much as I try to get away or tell myself I’m done with it, I always find myself back to where I left off.

The Mumbles, Wales

October 2015:

There’s a path up the cliff that’s hidden in the briar. If you’re patient, you can make your way up sideways. If you look at an angle, you can find the holes in the thicket where the blackberries are hiding. 337 more words


You are Enough


You think you don’t belong,
You think you’re the odd one out.

You tell yourself you’re not enough,
You say, “If only I could be better…” 44 more words

In The Becoming...

Now that the fear is gone, I have room to breathe again. I’m always not doing things because I do not understand their purpose. But maybe it’s time to approach my interests for the sake of how they make me feel – to approach them as if I were a child, again. 259 more words