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Reality Rules: Shows to Watch that Aren't "Friends"

It is a fact universally acknowledged that twenty-somethings living in NYC have weird jobs: from gallery handlers, to artisan cheese makers, to social media experts. Another day, another dollar. 957 more words


How to Create a Work-Mergency Kit

I never like being caught unprepared especially when I can avoid it. After being caught unprepared in the work place several times I found a way that helps me bar myself from any avoidable disasters. 660 more words


Okay? Okay.

“You started a blog? Jeez, how long has it been since we broke up!?”. The very recent words of the only ex boyfriend who I still am friends with. 356 more words


A Good Kind of Busy

The last few weeks, I have a been filled with optimism.  I have been getting phone calls, and emails with requests for interviews.  So far, no offers, but that is okay.  250 more words

Compatibility and Distance

I’ve met a man I really like. We’re super duper compatible. We like enough of the same things and have enough differences, to make us rather interested in each other. 1,354 more words


People in their Twenties be like...

So I keep hearing how everyone in their 20s still feels like they are just a kid trapped in an adult’s body; they don’t feel… 161 more words


Growing up on Ira Glass: Life as an NPR Kid

“…I’m Matt McClesky and this is 88.5 WAMU Washington’s morning news station.” waking up every morning to talk radio is kind of expected. I’m a born and bred NPR kid. 486 more words