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Lost in Los Angeles

I went to Los Angeles initially because it is on the West and I needed to work my way up from there to get to British Columbia in Canada. 571 more words

Travel Blog

The Limbo of the future.

Sometimes not knowing what you want can be a good thing. Only because it can help you have an open mind to multiple possibilities. Usually when one has a set plan they refuse to change it in any aspect, even if they have no choice. 485 more words


Wanna be happy?

“If I keep on doing the things, that keep on bringing me pain then there’s no one else I can blame” this is the first line in Kirk Franklin’s… 715 more words

Simply Me

What If?

So, apparently 9 years ago today was my senior prom, and big shocker but I didn’t go. It got me thinking of all the “what ifs” I’ve had in my life especially over the past 9 or so years. 432 more words


Cancer Mistakes

I found my first “cancer mistake” at work today.  Basically anything that went wrong at work during the month of march I’m blaming it on cancer. 562 more words


My Experience with Mario Badescu's Drying Lotion

You would think after high school; your skin would stop having such random breakouts. But of course, it doesn’t. I’ve always had troubled skin since I was a teenager. 450 more words


Au Pairing & Living Abroad.

One of the craziest things I’ve done is definitely moving to Spain. I lived in Spain for 9 months the fall after I graduated high school (almost 2 years ago now… time is flying by). 194 more words