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Si me ves pensando, no me preguntes en que.

Dejame pensar. Dejame envolverme en otra realidad.

No es que no pueda compartirla, solo que no quiero hacerlo.

Life out loud: Moving abroad

Facing the question of moving over seas as a 20 something seems like an easy decision. If I saw my life on the outside looking in, I would advise myself to pack my bag and go! 428 more words


Otra vez me encuentro ante la capacidad de arruinar una linda tarde por medio de un pensamiento de esos que te arrebatan la cabeza y no te dejan distraer los ojos. 178 more words

boy oh boy, which one?

Alright Ladies& Gents,

Havent posted in a real long time because well 1 the guy from my last post is an asshole (ill get to that) and two ive been in America. 1,021 more words

Toda acción tiene reacción

Verdad y mentira al mismo tiempo. Aunque  creo fervientemente en que todo acto lleva (y conlleva) consecuencias, hoy me encuentro con una pregunta sobre esto. 337 more words

My dearest non commodity, non replaceable niece

My dear pumpkin,

My wish is to leave you with these true feeling, events and emotion that I am going through now so that when you grow older, you can somewhat relate and learn from me, your beloved aunt who loves you dearly. 595 more words



I know this feeling –
Seven billion people and I yield to one.

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