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Frustrations as a 20something and Current Stream of Thoughts

Dear Diary or Desmond,

Here I am with a minor stumbling block. My client tells me to edit her site instead of going with a new one, which I’ve put so much hours into doing. 1,201 more words


A Review

Dear Desmond,

I just want to say what a good day this has been. Even though I haven’t been feeling like my usual self as studying for finals have been demanding most of my efforts (tired), I have managed to have a productive and wonderful day. 154 more words


Life Sucks...

My life sucks right now.

Let’s be real. I’m 23. I have no real job. I have no boyfriend. In fact, the closet thing I’ve had to a boyfriend is a guy I just found out is dating another girl. 410 more words


What's so bad about dieting anyway?

Hello Readers!

Now that we’re in February the new year can officially start, because every one knows that the year doesn’t really start in January. I mean it still feels like the holidays, school just started back up, you are finally done dealing with you families over the break and you probably need to detox and relax. 667 more words

4 2016 Beauty Trends

Hello Readers!

Now, I’m no beauty guru. In middle school I had a line of zits that divided my face in half, and in high school thank DOG side bangs where in because my forehead was covered in tiny bumps. 489 more words

Knowing what you want

One of the reasons I am very thankful for the situations I have been through is because they have made me realized that I settled for so much less than I actually deserved (I lowered my standards to accommodate somebody else’s) and now I know exactly what I want. 537 more words

Can I Be a Feminist and a Housewife?

Hello Readers!

I’ve been upset, in the past, with the lack of female role models in my family. Many of the women were married young and had children young. 600 more words