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Keeping busy busy busy

October did not start out easy.  This time of year will always remind me of my dad and as I talked about earlier we have a lot of memories from last year that made this month even harder.   878 more words



So I thought I’d start by talking about my experiences with mental health at university, because I think for me that is when my anxiety first became a big issue. 898 more words


This Is Hard

I started a new workout/meal plan about two weeks ago. I am really trying to up my caloric intake as I have fallen back into the depths of anorexia. 371 more words


First blog post

We’re young. We’re wild. We’re…broke. The gravity of that statement doesn’t hit us until we actually have no money in our bank account and purses/wallets, and we’re forced to wonder where exactly the money went. 29 more words


What has life to offer you when you're a 20-something?

Not much. Except if you are an heiress/heir to the great Watson estate with two-billion worth of company assets and five full-bred Dobermans at your balcony, pretty much you are joining the wave of wide-eyed, confused, and zealous urban citizens with 9am-5pm jobs. 930 more words


A bit about me…

I’ve finally decided to post my first blog post after thinking about doing so for a few months now. I have struggled with Generalised Anxiety Disorder for about four years now and have found that reading about other people’s experiences when I’m feeling anxious has really helped me, so I wanted to be able to do the same for anyone else that is struggling: 320 more words


Re-evaluation of Relationships

So, I guess a little catch up is in order for those of you who are interested in what is happening in the life of Rach. 972 more words