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I awoke, scared and sweating, from a twisted, lucid dream.
In this dream, I was endlessly trying to fit
into a world of kindness, of feeling, of understanding. 326 more words

Midnight Updates

I’ve been tucked up working on my Masters of Education so I haven’t been as active as usual. I’ve still been writing for the Pelican… 19 more words


Winter dreams of Summers Love

There are days in which I choose to fly. One of those days was when I was in Coorg, When I zoomed around in a raft through up and down currents, Paddling, Almost drowned in water, Laughed like I never did, and burnt calories way more than I actually should have. 371 more words


Dead Dad Days

I know it isn’t exactly the most polite way to describe a bad day but it’s certainly the most accurate way to describe them.  Some days I have what I call “dead dad days.”  They are days where I’m incredibly sad for no other reason than that my dad is dead. 1,086 more words


How to choose the perfect travel buddy

Solo travel isn’t for everyone and sharing the experience with a friend can bring you closer together and leave you with long lasting memories… or it can be a total nightmare. 572 more words


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hey everyone!

I’m still trying to figure out how often and what time to post, so bear with me.

I thought about this last night, so go along with me. 164 more words


Dear Me, a Letter to my 15 Year Old Self.

I wonder if my younger self would have been excited to turn into who I am now. I wonder what she would think. She would surely be appalled that I do things with my father’s girlfriend  743 more words