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The People You Don't Need In Your Life

  1. The Dramatist

We all know that person who dramatises everything. They cant get enough kicks out of Eastenders on a Wednesday night, so persist in creating their own drama and dragging everyone else into it. 1,278 more words

My Favorite Starbucks Coffee

There are a lot of beverage at Starbucks and tried almost everything in their menu. Below are my top picks.

  • Vanilla Cream Frappucino
  • Grean Tea Cream Frappucino…
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Personal Blog

Growing up not knowing who I am going to be

I don’t know what kind of person I want to be, and I’m (already) 21 year-old. I come from a pretty conservative and religious family and I hate the thought of making them disappointed in me, so I have been living by sticking with the rules. 573 more words


Should I stay or should I go?

So, since the last blog things have been cool. I mean Beyonce dropped her new album; which is enough to make any situation better immediately! If you don’t agree we can’t be friends anymore. 533 more words

Don't mind me just crying over my Italian food

Grief is weird.  I really expected it to be “oh I had a bad day” or “oh I had a good day” but for the most part that’s not how it works.   662 more words


The trouble with Family

Status: Bitter

Another weekend gone, one day wasted on being scrutinized by family. YES that’s right scrutinized and NO I’m not being dramatic. Well maybe a little, but seriously how many times do I have to answer the same damn questions? 246 more words



Status: STILL FUCKING Single!

Normally people start these types of things at the start of a new year, but sadly I’ve never been very good with anything of the sort especially keeping new years resolutions. 332 more words