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Katie Vs. SantaCon and the Snow

It is officially winter up in this ho-ho-ho and I am pretty jazzed about it. Louisiana has like 3 days of cold weather and then it’s back to feeling hotter than Zac Efron’s body outside for the rest of the year (and oddest even get me started about it being hot on Christmas day). 387 more words

Christmas at the Mall


The celebration of Christ

A time for family, carols, Santa and trees

Treats, children, hot cocoa and church

Overcrowded malls, screaming moms

Greedy children, cranky retail workers… 38 more words


The New Episode.......

For the people who know or don’t know my name is Kandra. If we get close enough you may be able to call me “Kan”. I’m 20 years young & I am still going through this phase called “Adulting”. 143 more words


The Vibes? Cancelled

I’m very sorry to announce the cancelation of the vibes. It’s been about 5 months since I started this whole blogging thing. Still trying to find my niche and what I really wanna do with it. 380 more words


He’s kneeling on the ground,
at my feet begging to have me –
His naivety in needing to touch;
The power I hold in saying ‘no’.


25 & Growing Pains.

Perfect You’re a beautiful kind of madness
a misunderstood truth
O, the things they could learn from
the darkness that is hidden behind your eyes…

1,497 more words

25 & Back Like Cooked Crack

Guess who’s bizzack nigga?!

Sorry for the delay. I know the few readers that I do have, have been waiting for my triumphant return. I haven’t been very motivated to do anything, let alone write blogs and open myself up and be more vulnerable. 959 more words