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Post MFA Dreams

Last night I had a dream.  My professor from my MFA program was there, along with some of my peers.  We were eating dinner and drinking alcohol.  616 more words

What A World


I don’t know how many posts like this one I have made in the past. “This time, I’m sticking with it!” “I am going to write everyday!” What a load of shit! 578 more words


bella vita.

I reference that episode of HBO’s Girls – the one where Lena’s character stumbles across this older, well-established man and in the process of absorbing his attention somehow becomes his live-in distraction. 418 more words


Dear Self

Dear Self,

In this moment understand that you weren’t sad, you weren’t, mad, you’re just a little lost. You’re loving someone who doesn’t excite you. He doesn’t care for you the way you care for anyone that you’ve loved. 682 more words

the never-ending tournament, or why it's so hard to make friends after twenty-two

Last night, I was sitting in an Uber with two friends of mine on our way to a concert. We were talking about unimportant things, but we were laughing so hard that it actually hurt and I think the Uber driver got a little nervous. 450 more words


A Man called Ove

Title: A Man called Ove
Author: Fredrick Backman
Publisher: Washington Square Press
ISBN: 978-1444775815
Genre: Fiction
Pages: 320
Source: Publisher
Rating: 4.5/5

We all know someone (or multiple people) like Ove: grumpy, short-tempered, devoted to their chosen ideals/principles, determined to make others live according to their rules. 571 more words


What a time to be alive

It’s 2018 and being a 20 something year old is portrayed as you are either; in a happy blissful relationship or living a single lifestyle all your friends are trying to figure out how you afford. 231 more words