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Anxiety - My journey in 21 years

I don’t feel like a typical 21 year old. If I was to put an age on how I feel inside then I would maybe say at least 26, maybe 28. 771 more words

Mental Health

10 Things I Have Learned So Far As A 26 Year Old (In February)

1. The term “trashed” is usually reserved for nights involving lots of tequila or wine.
2. 97% of things can be resolved. If you messed up on something, do everything you can to make it better and majority of the time, things turn out ok. 219 more words

Why Everyone Should Spend Some Time Being Single In Their Twenties

You get to call the shots and make yourself a priority.

These are the years of your life where you’ll have the most freedom and the least responsibilities or commitments, but this is merely a moment in time, so embrace it! 668 more words


Making Moves ... (And Not Regretting Them)

With  freedom comes great responsibility … so are  we ever  truly free?

Just to put it out there dudes, I’m a single 23 year old city  girl.  408 more words


Feet first, the little things.
No safety in guessing –
How could we catch each other
If we both jumped?


Searching For Confidence

I’d like to meet anyone in their early 20s who can hand-on-heart say that they have life all figured out!

Personally, life often seems far from sorted. 373 more words

5 easy steps on how to begin dating in a technology driven world as told by a newly single girl

I was in a relationship for 4 years since I was 17 years old. We were together straight out of high school. He was a year older than me and we met the traditional way (in person) and it was fun and romantic but like most teenage relationships it didn’t last as long as I wish it had. 610 more words