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What is 20 Something?

I’ve been sitting in my room on Pinterst for the past two hours.  Perusing the common tags; ‘Women’s Fashion’, ‘Food’, and ‘DIY’.  But my most recent search is what sparked this blog, “Single Girl”.   379 more words


If the Hannah Dated

Well, look where we are. I guess I’m on schedule for updating the blog once a month. :)

This past month has definitely been one for the books. 1,130 more words

It's OK to be me

So, after starting to feel better the last few weeks I’m having a bit of a rough time at the moment. I started this blog because something within me needed to change. 771 more words

The Never Ending Story

I recently started trying to write about my ex boyfriend, my obvious soul mate and despite what I wish, the love of my life.

Somewhere 1300 words in, I realised I hadn’t even begun to describe the feelings and experiences that relationship had been through, I had barely touched the tip of the iceberg. 923 more words


His Engagement Announcement

I know that many of you are on the edge of your seat to find out how I reacted to last week’s big news; yes, that long term boyfriend, in fact, is engaged. 1,145 more words

My Breakup Project

Eff I'm in My Twenties Day 25: Life

“What’s cookin’ good lookin’?” is all that is written on today’s page in the F*ck I’m in My Twenties Guided Journal.

Life is funny.

Timing in my life is funny. 36 more words


Make-Up Essentials: 4 Must Haves

If you’re like me you have certain make-up items that you absolutely HAVE to include in your make-up routine. If you didn’t have them it would be like forgetting to include the peanut butter on a PB&J. 579 more words