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How Intersectionality Makes You Stupid

Intersectionality sounds good in theory and appeals to the emotions. In practice it is no more than identity politics and ought to be fought at every turn. 6 more words

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France is a Broken Country

I agree with the sentiments of this article and have found it to convey my personal opinions on the French election best. France is in dire straits and this presidential election is not going to solve the overarching problems which have plagued France for decades. 52 more words


Neil deGrasse Tyson's Proposed "Rationalia" Government Won’t Work

I agree with the premise of the article that a human society based on reason and objectivity simply isn’t feasible. Historical precedence such as the French Revolution leads me to believe this to be true. 124 more words


At Least Bias Is Bipartisan

This research paper empirically espouses what I believed to be basic common knowledge which is the tendency for both conservative and liberals to be equally biased. 107 more words