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My Birthday (28/04)

Hey everyone so yesterday I celebrated my birthday.

Due to having a presentation on the 29th I’ve mainly scheduled my birthday to another day for family but what I was able to do with having a presentation the next day is this. 207 more words


Turning Twenty

Hey there! So yes, it’s now nearing the of April, but on March 25th I turned 20! I’m officially two decades old, how crazy is that?! 275 more words


Passage #6

“When I press this button on the controler, the soucers will head to the exposition center.  Like im going to let you end this you bastard!  

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Connection #6

In Chapter 244, Chousuke (or “Shou-san”) visits Yamazaki, the Chief of the Police Department who killed Chousuke’s grandfather, the “Legendary Detective Chou-san”. Chousuke confronts Yamazaki about the death of his grandfather, already knowing that Yamazaki killed him, and asks… 194 more words


Art of Piano: Great Pianists of 20th Century

This CD set is an audio companion to The Art of Piano video. It contains, where possible, complete performances of the musical extracts featured in the video
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Discussion #5

  1. The World Expo ’70, World Expo Osaka, and World Expo Tokyo are brought up in Volume 21. Obviously Kenji and his friends could not go to the Expo, but they did want to.
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Connection #5

As the “Friend Era” is in affect Friend has complete control over the population in Japan and has replaced the government.  Friend rules of its people by installing the fear of alien invaders into the residents and patrols the “Earth Defense Force” around the cities making sure nobody acts out of order.   80 more words