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21-day Sugar Detox

I’m not into detoxes.  I’m really not.  I lumped them into all the other fads that I heard about growing up.  Atkins, lemon-juice cleanses, the like.   187 more words

The 21 Day Sugar Detox Download - Sugar Detox Weight Loss

The 21 Day Sugar Detox Download – Sugar Detox Weight Loss

The 21 day sugar detox plan cookbook, discover how to destroy sugar in just 21 days. 18 more words

No Sugar Detox

21 DSD 

So tomorrow I start the 21 Day Sugar Detox. I typically challenge myself once a year. I don’t have a terrible diet however, I know that it’s not under control the way I think it should. 140 more words


Healthy "Alfredo" Sauce

Earlier in January, I did a 21 day sugar detox – no added sugar, stevia, xylitol, not even honey or maple syrup. During the 21 days, I realized how many things sugar were actually in. 207 more words


Workouts, Oils, Gender Reveal, OH MY!

This week felt different in terms of every day has been packed to the gills. First Monday is Cub Scouts of curious. The boys are nearing the end of the adventures. 660 more words


My 21 Day Sugar Detox Review

I started a new diet,   http://www.healthvi.org/positive-reviews/the-21-day-sugar-detox-review/, right after Valentines Day.  It was a perfect time to begin because all the sweet holidays were in the past.  291 more words

21 Day Sugar Detox

Fat February

It all went downhill on Super Bowl Sunday. I was feeling great all through the month of January. I could count all the glasses of wine I had in a total month on one hand. 197 more words

21 Day Sugar Detox