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Sugar is a sneaky thing!

So I think it’s safe to say that most people know that an abundance of sugar is a bad thing. Sugar causes cravings and helps you pack on the pounds but guess what? 286 more words


To February

Hard to believe it’s already March – but time flies when you’re having fun, right?

It may have only been 28 days, but February has certainly been a month with a to-do list for the books. 662 more words

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It Tastes Exactly Like...

Some things really irritate me. One of those things is when people make “food swaps” and say that it tastes EXACTLY like the real thing! It also irritates me when people add healthy ingredients to recipes and say “you can’t even taste it.” That’s how I ended up making today’s recipe, zucchini pizza crust. 733 more words


To Lent

Happy Ash Wednesday!

Some (meatless) food for thought for today, stolen from my lecture on T.S. Eliot this morning:

“This is the time of tension between dying and birth.”

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FIT Hits the PAN Friday - Sugar Detox Edition

We are officially past the half-way mark of this detox. I feel terrific and I have shed 3 pounds! I have found that as long as I eat regularly and don’t let my blood sugar drop too low, my energy levels are great. 279 more words


The Sweet Taste of Success!

The following post, along with my previous three posts were written back in October/November but never posted. Here is the final outcome of my 21 day sugar detox! 950 more words


Sugar Detox - Day 8

We made it through the first week relatively unscathed! My weekly menu consisted mostly of avocado, eggs, bacon and chicken sausage with a variety of vegetables, the occasional green-tipped banana and green apples with almond butter. 411 more words