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Staying on the wagon (kitchen edition)

Like anyone else, I get bitten by the boredom bug <or sometimes his cousin, the laziness bug> when it comes to keeping my weekly meals creative and interesting. 479 more words


How I “quit” my life (and sugar)

One of the key reasons I started this blog was because I finally understood that “you can’t outrun a bad diet.”

Like you, I had heard some version of that <i.e, abs are made in the kitchen> my whole life. 444 more words


21 Day Sugar Detox...aka 3 weeks of withdrawl from what is essentially legal cocaine

So my sister and I are planning to cut sugar from our lives, temporarily at first and then hopefully on a more permanent basis in the long term. 1,261 more words


Sugar Free Me - Reintroduction

For those of you who have been following my Sugar-Free series, I started reintroducing some of the questionable foods into my diet on January 22nd. 1,021 more words


The Showdown: Whole30 vs. 21-Day Sugar Detox

You might be wondering why a girl who swore she’d never do another Whole30 again, just completed a 21-Day Sugar Detox. Aren’t they practically the same? 1,122 more words


You Can't Pour From an Empty Cup

The idea that everyone else has to come first is something I have struggled with for a while. Hence today’s title. I think everyone deserves to do some things for themselves. 637 more words


Sugar Free Me - Week 3

So, this is it. The end. Well, not really because I still have two weeks of reintroduction. But this is the official last week of the detox. 1,424 more words