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21 Grams: Balkan Soul Food

Located in the ground floor of trendy new Park Regis Boutique Hotel on bustling Jumeirah Beach Road – Dubai, 21 Grams was my very first introduction to the authentic cuisine of the Balkans. 359 more words


Movie Review: 21 Grams

Every now and then you get a good cast, a well-written story, a great directorial performance, and — if you’re lucky — you’ll get an unexpected side of boobs. 534 more words

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21 Grams

I presume Alejandro González Iñárritu was trying to make an artistic statement about the randomness of life by scrambling the timeline in “21 Grams” (2003), but it just didn’t work for me. 71 more words

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Death By Dildo

Death is inevitable. Most people, including myself, don’t want to die and there’s a fear and anxiety surrounding the thought of death. Gone are the days of your body being disposed of in a peat bog or lit up on a funeral pyre. 392 more words

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An Adventurous Listen: Enson Works by 21 Grams

If The Struts weren’t enough to satisfy your craving for raw rock music, undiluted by modern pop, then 21 Grams may be able to help out. 275 more words


Listen "No Brain No Headache" From @NYCFactoryFast on www.onlyrockradio.tk

“Churning out the mud at full power, this mix is a striking vehicle
for twisted guitar riffs and dithyrambic epistles…”
Title – No Brain No Headache… 151 more words

This Is Only Rock Radio Promotion

21 Grams

We meter it out
in heartbeats, giggles,
song, tick-tock of clock
and shades of calendar
squares. Tears. We stare at
walls, wonder what is… 59 more words

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