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Income & Poverty in Orange County

Visualizing data can help give more insight than plain text. I took two variables, median household income and percentage of persons in poverty, and created four different graphs. 132 more words


BCAA Chews arrived from Scitec Nutrition

Scitec Nutrition offers 30 golden apple or pink grapefruit flavored chewing tablets in a pouch, with 1 g of 2:1:1 BCAAs per tablet. We all know BCAA Chewies from Betancourt, but one serving of these is not less than 25 chewies, while the new Scitec Chews has only a 3 tablet serving size.

211 - The Bedbugs Never Bite

Poem number 211
The Bedbugs Never Bite
Where are all the monsters now that I am 43
And bedtime is a pleasure after one last cup of tea? 195 more words


Winfied Machine Service LLC v. UIA - 14.19

Winfied Machine Service LLC v. UIA
Digest No. 14.19

Section 429.21(1)(i)

Cite as: Winfied Machine Services, LLC v Havens, unpublished opinion of the Macomb Circuit Court, issued July 13, 2009 (Docket No. 261 more words


Dental Work

Any Internet discussion of frugal dentistry will mention getting your dental care at a dental school. This is great if there’s a dental school in your area. 544 more words

52 Weeks To Wise Money Management

What Do People in Orange County Need?

Low income people of Orange County have a wide range of needs, but there is one major need that outshines all others, housing. While housing isn’t technically listed below, it is a subset of Basic Needs, and people call about housing more than anything else. 78 more words


Water woes infuriate Dorval commuters using 211 bus

DORVAL – Karen Nardella has had enough.

For seven years, on her way off the 211 bus’ Pine Beach stop to her Dorval home, she has to walk through a puddle that was inches-deep. 203 more words