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215 Troop Week 6- 11

215 Troop Week 6

For the most part Week 6 fairly steady, if such a thing is possible at CTC. Filled with a variety of PT sessions from long runs to IMF and with the most intense swimming relay in Corps history, Week 6 did not disappoint. 2,555 more words

Front Suspension Squeaking and Reverse loop with my brother

For almost the whole week, my brother has accompanied me during my nightly rides. We may be riding slow than my usual pace but I think its good for the muscles to relax a bit. 494 more words


Bike to Work Wednesday!

I remember my very first time to ride my bike to work. 666 more words


Horseshoe Drive

My brother met up with me after office to spend some bonding moments while on our folding bikes. 259 more words


Biking a bit longer

I planned to go on longer ride today but I didn’t wake up on time. I feel so tired to even get up at 4:30 in the morning. 489 more words


Post 50km ride

I was so tired yesterday to even write a post about what happened last night. 50Km is no joke for a small 20″ tires but I’ve manage to return home safely. 390 more words