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Archives as Miracles, 2018

Imagine if you will, all of the documents and materials which have come into your life…..

Every birthday, anniversary and Christmas card; school report cards; certificates of achievement; passports; health cards; drivers’ licenses; letters to and from you; every ticket you purchased or used; every photograph you took, or was taken of you; all of the emails; your school notes, assignments; any reports you have written…. 811 more words

Social Commentary

The Best, the Worst and the Dog

Celebrate the worst ones

Encourage the worse ones

Discourage the better ones

Persecute the best ones

Give lollypops and soap operas

To all those in the normal middle… 180 more words

The Future is Here: AI Robotics; Data Mining and Analysis; Complex, Collaborative Problem Solving

I recently attended the OCEdiscovery conference in Toronto, Ontario where I had the opportunity to attend as part of a Ministry of Education delegation.  This amazing conference brings together various aspects of innovation and entrepreneurship in Ontario. 532 more words

Teaching Reflections

Photography Is the New Universal Language

Photography Is the New Universal Language, and It’s Changing Everything https://www.wired.com/2013/08/raw-meet-marvin-heiferman/all/

For his book Photography Changes Everything, Marvin Heiferman spoke to experts in 3-D graphics, neurobiology, online dating, the commercial flower industry, global terrorism, giant pandas, and snowflake structure to understand the infinite ways imagery affects our everyday lives.