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Brain Drain Flowing Over the Falls into Oblivion River

Yesterday during lunch another of the founding families of Transit Bus manufacturing retired, leaving less than a dozen behind to carry on.

– What we need to do to stem the flow… 32 more words

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2nd Quarter 2014

Nearly half way through this fiscal year’s project and with my clients increased sales, reduced returns, and improved meta data management things continue to look up. 156 more words

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21st Century Blues

Got too many people in this spread out town.

Got too many people all just sitting around.

Lord, I got to get away from this place, 83 more words


2014 What To Expect

Already a quarter + into the new year, and now looking forward to helping additional new clients get through the start up phases of their businesses.

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A Non-Christian Perspective on the 9/11 "miracle cross"

There is a controversy taking place about what some people call the “miracle cross” exhumed from the wreckage of the twin towers. An atheist group objects to having the “cross” displayed in the 9/11 museum. 486 more words

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The Tragedy of Feminism

A relatively recent movement in American history has been that of the feminists.  While there have been some good things that have happened as a result of this movement, many things that have happened because of this movement are tragic. 377 more words

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Sports (Pro) and use of the "N" word...

I read a Tweet this morning that suggested that use of the “N” word was a term of endearment…

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